Growth is more important than marks-Woodmam


 Wallenda, an American tightrope walker in the 1950s, had been a successful walker all her life, but fell off the wire to her death on the last occasion. The reason for this is that in the past, when he walked the tightrope, he never thought ahead, he just concentrated on each step he took. The last time, he always thought: this is the last time, we must not fail. He ended up losing his life instead. Later generations called this "Wallenda's mentality", a mindset of focusing on what is right in front of you and not losing out. Wallenda's failure was actually a failure to himself. It is often the case that parents who place all their hopes in their children end up with nothing. Because it is not the parents but the child's own mindset that leads the way.

  If you look closely, you will find the "Wallenda mentality" everywhere. Athletes who are overly concerned with ranking often lose, and actors who are overly concerned with performance are prone to malfunction ......

  Many children are afraid of exams, but my colleague Yang Jinling's daughter He Yangyi is not afraid of exams. Once, I invited He Yangyi and her father, Mr. He, to the China Education Television's "Know Your Family" studio and asked her about the mystery. He Yangyi said, "I think exams are just a kind of test, through which I can show everyone my ability, so I am not afraid of exams."

  A lively and cheerful personality is directly related to the mindset of the parents. Parents expect their children to grow up naturally, so they are relaxed and at ease.

Parents should know. Be people-oriented, not score-oriented; growth is always more important than scores.

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