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  Early in the morning, a boy came to the sea and threw a small fish from the beach into the sea.

  "What are you doing?" A pedestrian asks.

  "I'm saving these little fish." The boy said without looking up.

  "Can you save so many fish?"

  "I'm saving one, and if I save this one, there will be another life in the sea." The boy said seriously.

  The pedestrian asked, "Who cares what you do?"

  The boy picked up a small fish and put it into the sea and said, "It cares." Another small fish was picked up and said, "It cares too."

  This is the child. Children have a tendency to protect animals. The world of a child's heart is supposed to be a world of true love. If this world is not to be polluted, parents must maintain it with kindness and imbibe it with love.

  Mother's love is the earth, which nurtures life, nourishes everything and gives true love to the world. The seeds of love in a child's heart are sown by the mother. Mothers nurture their children with sweet milk and grow up with love. But this is not enough; mothers also have the responsibility of teaching their children to cherish life.

 To truly love a child, one should not spoil the child, nor scold the child roughly, but use the mother's great love to touch the child, evoking the child's fear of life and respect for life.

  Mother's love, that is the love that cherishes life.

  Mother's love is the ground.

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