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 I sat in my office for a long, long time in silent tears after my "goddess" mother left. I was sad and touched at the same time. I wished that this was a story from Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale and not a real one. Although I believe that the children of Wushan in Chongqing will treasure these books, and although I believe that the love of the girl and her mother will turn into a sky full of stars and bring dreams to countless children in the mountains, I never want to believe that this beautiful moon just fell and that this kind mother just lost her beloved daughter!

  I think your heart must be saying, "Give your child a world of peace."

  "Give your child a safe world" has become a common voice around the world.

  In 2003, the "Safe Children of China" campaign was launched nationwide, organised by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Public Security and the National Youth Work Committee, with the support of UNICEF, the General Press and Publication Office of China Children's and Adolescents' Association, and co-sponsored by Ping An Insurance (Group) Co. Five million primary and secondary school students participated in the campaign, chanting the slogan "I protect myself, I am safe".

  A large number of "peace messengers" entered schools to spread safety knowledge to children, who competed to become "peace dolls", learning self-care and self-rescue skills, and using their discerning eyes to look for hidden safety hazards. The children's skills in self-care and self-rescue have been greatly enhanced, and they have also honed their skills in saving others.

  In 2004, the second year of the "Safe Schools Campaign", the Ministry of Education has adopted the theme of "Preventing Violence in Schools". The campaign will promote the creation of a "safe school", identify hidden dangers and improve self-care skills.

  The campaign will promote the creation of safe schools, identify unsafe practices and improve self-care. To prevent violence in schools, we need to improve our self-protection skills and to work together to create a safe world.

  May every campus be a "safe campus" and every family a "safe family".

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