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 In 2000, 4,000 teenage elites applied for the International MBA at Tsinghua University, and in the end, 62 were selected, among them Wang Haixiang, a talented senior student from Beijing No.4 Middle School.

  Haixiang's mother, Zhang Peizhen, is an old friend of mine and a retired cadre from Beijing's Cuiwei Primary School. When it comes to Haixiang's growth, Zhang is most impressed by the fact that "nothing is more important to a child's growth than self-confidence."

  Indeed, self-confidence is the most valuable asset in life.

  The French educator Rousseau once said, "Self-confidence is nothing short of a miracle for a career; with it, your talents are inexhaustible; a man without self-confidence will not seize an opportunity, no matter how talented he is."

  American psychologists have studied the character of 150 very accomplished people and found that they all have three excellent qualities: firstly, they are resilient in character; secondly, they are good at building up results to achieve their goals; and thirdly, they are very confident and do not have low self-esteem.

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  As an ordinary mother, how did Ms Zhang help her son build up his self-confidence?

  Mother and son have summed up three lessons.

  The first is: "Today is better than yesterday!"

  One of the things she often says to her son is: "As long as today is better than yesterday, it's fine."

  Confidence comes from the suggestion of success and fear from the suggestion of failure. Once a person's positive cues are formed, they are like sails that will help you succeed; conversely, once a person's negative mental cues are formed and not removed in time, they will affect success for the rest of your life.

  The second lesson: children need to be flaunted.

  "You see, once a person is discovered, they have discovered themselves." Hai Xiang puts it this way.

  Children especially need to be "discovered" when they are growing up. Especially children who don't know much about themselves yet, they need to be appreciated. Don't be afraid of your child's pride. When he is proud, he will show his personality, and parents and teachers should say to him: "You are great, son!"

  The third lesson: those who do not have high aspirations are not wise.

  Confident people tend to have big ambitions, and people with low ambitions fail to reach intellectually.

  The confident man can travel to the ends of the earth, and the root of self-confidence is his ability to hoist the sails of his aspirations.

  Self-confidence is the root.

Educational toys can be used to prompt children's learning abilities 

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