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 At the heart of education is the awakening of the personality mind. For more than ten years, the strict but rational love, independent but equal love that Wang Gen's parents gave their son without his noticing, has finally borne fruit.

  On the first anniversary of his father's death, Wang Gen wrote "Thinking of my father in June" in tribute to him.

  ...... to honour my mother on behalf of my father is my responsibility and will certainly be the home of my heart, I want to do everything that my father used to do, and do my best to continue my father's life, from that moment on, I will be out of the childhood longing, the glory of the teenager, leaving yesterday's dream. At this point, it was all the more important for me to be brave enough to meet the hopes of tomorrow. It was this stepping out, leaving and losing that taught me the meaning of strength. I think that people who stand up from adversity are three-dimensional and high. I have a pact with Mum that we will no longer hurt our feelings, we will use each other as support and build a 'human' life support, interdependent, mutually supportive and interactive through this precious life. I will walk with my head held high, full of confidence, towards one stage of my life after another, with an infinite stretch of road in front of me and a series of solid footprints behind me, so that when I reach the end of the earth one day, I can take my mother's hand and shout to the sky, "Dad! See! How strong we are!"

  I met Wang Gen's mother, Li Xiaofan, when she was on a report tour for the "National Report Group on Renewing Family Education Concepts". Whenever Li Xiaofan spoke during the presentation, I was always in tears, and so was everyone else in the audience!

  A teenage boy, faced with the loss of his loving father and the helplessness of life, he survived. What did he rely on? It was the strength of his father's love, the strength of his character! He learned to keep his pain to himself and his happiness to others.

  "I am glad that, instead of being hurt by his father's untimely death, my son's psyche has become stronger." Li Xiaofan told me, "What touched me most was that on the day of the cremation, when I returned from the cemetery, my son had burnt all his father's clothes, leaving only a few to be treasured. He said to me: 'Mum, don't live in pain, it's too bitter! You'll be sad to see Dad's clothes, so I burned them all, cheer up, Mum!'"

  My heart was deeply shaken!

  Such is the power of a father's love. He can perpetuate human excellence, he can inspire a child with a noble sense of responsibility, he can turn a tender boy into a man of immense strength!

  A father's love, that is the love that stands at the top of the sky!

  A father's love is heaven.

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