Expectations are too high and bring about the child's hopelessness


"There is a saying that 'the situation is created by the heart'. Very often, one's pain and happiness are not determined by the merits of objective circumstances, but by one's own state of mind and emotions. Look at the little grass on the roadside, it is trampled around, but it still survives, it desperately stands up and accepts the sunlight and rain given to her by nature, so it is more vital than the flowers in the greenhouse. You are like that little grass, you are very much alive!"

  When I found out that she was studying early childhood education, I encouraged her, "I don't know what to call you, I'll call you Little Grass! Little grass, those who have survived the cold know best the warmth of the sun, and those who have walked through the desert know better the sweetness of water. I believe that if you become a teacher, you will love and respect children; Sister Zhixin hopes that you will be a sunshine teacher and try to dispel the dark clouds in your heart."

  "Thank you, Sister Zhixin, I will try! I have never felt so comfortable in my heart as I do today!"

  When I think about it calmly, this is not the only child who suffers from this.

  Whenever I receive such a call, my heart is particularly heavy. I really want to say to their parents: What do you really want? Do you want marks, or do you want children? Do you want grades, or do you want to grow up? You have only "university" in mind, and you are satisfied when your child passes the exam, but do you know? The damage you have done to your children's childhood is still deeply affecting their healthy growth. You have worked so hard to raise your children, working day and night to earn money for them to go to school, but why?

  Don't use the excuse that "mum and dad are doing it for your own good" to force your children.

  If you force your child to become a dragon, the dragon will become a worm. As the French poet Heine said, "Even if you plant a dragon's seed, the harvest may be fleas."

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