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  Children are angels and they are very sensitive to the comments of adults. He can feel it through your eyes when you love him and like him, and once he has received your message of love, he can hear whatever you say in his heart.

  The look of love in an adult's eyes comes from the discovery of love. No matter what kind of person you are, once you find someone or something that surprises you, your eyes will always light up. So, the key to love is to discover and to let the passion in your heart burn.

  How to discover? It is to see through the phenomenon to the essence.

  There is a student in Wuhan who is not a good student, but he loves to raise his hand when he is listening in class. Sometimes his hand was raised before the teacher finished his question. But when the teacher called him up to answer a question, he couldn't answer it. After the lesson, the teacher talked to him and asked him, "Why do you raise your hand if you don't know how to do it?"

  The boy said frankly: "My classmates laughed at me, saying that I had bad grades and that I was stupid. I didn't like it, so I raised my hand when the teacher asked me a question, to show off. But I really don't know how to."

  The teacher was touched by the student's honesty. So he made a "gentleman's agreement" with the student: "In future, when the teacher asks a question again, if you really know how to answer, raise your left hand; if you don't, raise your right hand. Do you remember? Don't raise the wrong one."

  The students nodded and replied, "I remember."

  With this in mind, the teacher ignored the boy's right hand as high as it would go when he asked a question in class, but as soon as he raised his left hand, he was called upon to answer. As soon as he raised his left hand, he answered. The teacher then praised the student for being "good" and his classmates were impressed by him. From then on, the student's learning improved greatly.

  What a great teacher! He saw through the 'love of raising hands' to the motivation of the child to get ahead. If the teacher hadn't had a loving eye, he would have thought that the child was 'messing up' and would have reprimanded him with a few words of 'what's the point of messing up? Raise your hand when you've thought about it! Sit down!" Then the child will never have the courage to stand up again.

  The same practice took place in Beijing, where Liu Yongsheng, the headmaster of Beijing Guangming Primary School, put forward a slogan: "In the classroom, all children who answer questions should be allowed to sit down without regret!"

  What a humane declaration this is! It embodies the meaning of protecting the motivation of all children to learn.

  The truth of many things in the world is hidden by a variety of complex illusions, and to recognise the truth of things, people need to remove the crudeness and the falseness to keep the truth.

  The same applies to children, as many of their strengths are often buried and overlooked. Beijing Qianmen Primary School headmaster Qian Hongshi has a famous saying: "As long as you value your children, you will let the dusty gold shine!" Valuing your child is the most powerful form of love.

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