Dignity is needed for spiritual growth-Woodmam


 The world of a person's heart is supported by dignity. We are not afraid of not having money, but of not having dignity.

  We raise our children with backbone and dignity from an early age.

  Dignity can change a person's destiny.

  There was a beggar kneeling in the underground passage with a pencil stall begging. A businessman came, dropped a dollar and left in a hurry. A moment later, this businessman ran back, seriously said to the beggar: "We are both businessmen, both sell things, I just paid you a dollar, did not take something, now I want to take it." Said, squatted down, picked a few pencils away.

  The merchant's words, the beggar was greatly shaken. His first time to hear someone call him "merchant", the first time to hear someone say he "sell things", he suddenly found the dignity of being human. He quickly stood up, dusted himself off and began to run his pencil stall in earnest. After a few years of hard work, he became a real businessman. Once he went to a business party, fully dressed, where he met the businessman. He went over to him respectfully, bowed deeply and said with gratitude, "Thank you, sir! It was you who gave me back my dignity!"

 Like a spring breeze over a wilderness, like a warm stream gushing to a glacier, the hearts of these "poor students" were so strongly shaken that in this lesson, a "stubborn stone" made up its mind to change its ways.

  Since then, "Keep your head up" has become a common phrase in this class. Now that they are all grown up, they still pass the phrase on to each other via mobile phone text messages every New Year. They say, "These five ordinary words are full of strong emotions and philosophies of life, and it is what changed the path of our lives."

  "Keep your head up!" These five words evoke the dignity of a child as a human being!

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