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 All children are different in appearance and personality, but one thing is the same - they want to be applauded!

  There was a family in America where the mother, a Russian, didn't speak English and couldn't understand her son's work, but every time he brought it back for her to see, she said, "Great! and hung it on the wall in the living room with care. When guests came over, she would always boast proudly, "Look how well my son writes!" But when the guests see her say so, they nod their heads and agree: "That's good, that's good, that's really good!"

  Encouraged, my son thought to himself, "I'll write better tomorrow than I did today!" And so, day by day, his work became better and better, and his academic performance improved day by day, and he finally became a good student and grew into an outstanding person.

  This is the child. If you say he can do it, he can; if you say he can't, he can't. If you applaud him, he will surprise you one after another. If you say he is not as good as others, he will prove by his actions that he is really stupid. This is how adults shape children with their words.

  I remember when my son was three or four years old, my mother always said to me, "Your son knows how to be polite, he even pours water for people when they come over!" The more my grandmother said this, the more polite my son became and the more he was busy when people came. One hot day, an old grandfather came to the house to visit. When my son saw him, he immediately found a large banana fan and gave it to him to fan himself. The old grandfather was so happy that he touched his son's head and said, "This boy really knows how to take care of people at such a young age! When the grandfather left, the son followed him to the door. The old grandfather said to his son, "Stay, son, don't see him off. The son looked at the fan in the grandfather's hand and said, "Grandpa, I haven't left the fan I gave you yet!" Everyone was laughing! It was in this harmonious environment that my son grew up and later developed his humorous personality.

  Imagine if, for example, a child came out to "greet" a visitor and the adult said impatiently, "Go, go, go, do your homework! What's the matter with you? Don't look for opportunities to play!" Can a child who grows up with this kind of criticism and blame not become selfish, indifferent and out-of-touch?

  Adult judgement has a crucial influence on a child's development.

  It is not important for children to have talent, but rather interest and confidence. People who have a wide range of hobbies will have a more colourful life, a more active mind and a wider arena in which to display their talents.

  Give your child a big cheer! Don't look down on others! Believe that your child will do wonders!

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