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But for preschool children, parents have a great responsibility to cultivate the ability of memory.

5.9 The essence of memory is to make connections

The essence of memory is to make connections.

Let the children remember this sentence.

There are many ways to cultivate memory. After a child has five kinds of enthusiasm for memory, if you are willing to give him some guidance, please tell your child that the essence of memory is to establish connections.

For example, I want to remember a person, his name is Zhang Xiaoming, how do I remember it?

It is to associate his appearance with his name.

The next time I see this face, the name will appear immediately, and the connection will be established. For another example, an English word, China (China), associates this pronunciation with its semantics (China). It's creating a connection.

The secret of memory is to strengthen connections

So, what can strengthen the connection?

A phone number, 33557788, what is this number connected to? Contact Zhang Xiaoming, 33557788 is the phone number of Zhang Xiaoming's house, establish the connection between this number and Zhang Xiaoming. It is also a memory!

There are three main methods for establishing connections, and all memory relies mainly on the following three methods.


The first way to strengthen the connection is to repeat it multiple times.

His name is Zhang Xiaoming. You didn't remember his appearance once. Next time someone tells you that the person with this appearance is called Zhang Xiaoming. Repeat it many times, and the connection will be close and profound.

This is the most basic and difficult memory method.

deep method

The second method may not be used many times, but it is very profound and powerful to establish a connection once.

It's as if you wanted to draw a mark on the wall from this point to that point. You don't use much strength, and it's not obvious once, twice, or three times. After 20 strokes, the mark from this point to that point will be drawn.

A connection is established, which is called multiple repetitions.

But if I stroked very hard, and the tool was very sharp, I would go from there to here and go through the two dots in one stroke. This one is printed immediately.

This is the way to strengthen the connection with a particularly powerful and deep indentation.

Among the large group of children, someone introduced Zhang Xiaoming. I glanced at him, but I didn't pay much attention to it. The connection was established very weakly, and I forgot about it after a while. After a while, someone told me that his name was Zhang Xiaoming, and I looked at him again. It takes many connections to remember him.

But as soon as you saw him, you said loudly: Oh, you are Zhang Xiaoming! At the same time, he looked at him with special attention and observed his facial features, which was particularly impressive. Remember it once.

This is the deep method, replacing constant repetition with powerful, impressive connections.

Cyber ​​Law

Isn't there only one connection between two things?

Constant repetition is called the repetition method. Diligently draw imprints, this is called the deep method. Is there any other way?

The third method uses a variety of relationships to network the memory objects.

For example, a Russian word, Sunday, must remember its pronunciation and semantics. If you don't remember once, twice; if you don't remember twice, three times, this is the repetition method.

Or the profound method, that is, dead reading, memorizing, and possibly memorizing.

Other connections can also be added. Sunday is pronounced like "socks in shoes" in Russian. This Sunday I'm out of the house, sleeping in, "socks in shoes" so I can remember.

What does that mean? Between pronunciation and word meaning, you have imagined a lot and added a lot of other connections. It's like a thing, I pull it with a thread, the wind is strong and the rope is weak and broken, and there is no connection between us. But I tied it with a lot of ropes to keep it tied to me, and it couldn't run.

To give another example, I found a talent and wanted him to stay and work, but he was unwilling. Why? I may only find a link, I said, how much salary do you pay each month when you come to work here. He thought about it and didn't plan to come. Then, you can add other connections. To talk about the work is still meaningful, which adds a layer of connection. He also said that there will be development in the future, adding another link. He also said that there is a friend of yours here, who is very familiar with you, and adds another link. Besides, if you come to work here, you can transfer your lover together.

In this way, many, many connections will trap him, and this talent will not run away.

Use a variety of connections to live in your memory objects

To memorize the same thing, it needs multiple connections to hold it. Use a variety of relationships to network your memory objects. Use this method to cement connections.

Remember, this approach is important. No matter how many memory methods you use, such as association, characteristic memory, multisensory memory, repetitive memory, cross memory, I don’t know how many methods are there for memory, but they are essentially strengthening connections.

The method is nothing more than repeating a connection, or deepening a connection, or using multiple connections to network a thing.

It is a particularly clever way to be good at quickly using a net to live the things you want to remember.

Friends can still have a lot of imagination and play. You must remember everything in the world clearly, and you must use various methods to network it, not just one.

A word, just think about the connection between the meaning and the pronunciation, sometimes it is easy to forget. As soon as you think of a variety of methods, it is easy to remember.

In a word, memory is to mobilize the senses and abilities of hearing, sight, smell, skin, movement, touch, etc., and also to network it with various connections.

Ball (ball), the ball is round. Not only the pronunciation, the hand gestures here, it is very round, and a connection is established.

The Chinese word is rough--Is the sound rough? Thin──, is your voice thin? It's a very thin sound. There is a connection between the pronunciation and semantics of any word of a country.

In short, you use a variety of sensory, association, and feature methods in order to establish more connections between things that need to be remembered, such as the pronunciation and semantics of words, and to consolidate their connections. In this way, when some of the connections are interrupted, there is always a connection there, and it cannot run.

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