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The first thing to do anything is to have sincerity and want to do it in order to make it possible. So, first of all, affirm this sincerity and determination in your heart. Cultivate this sincerity, determination and courage and this starting point in your heart, and it won't take long for a noticeable change to occur.

  You will find that your past way of thinking and homeschooling methods are substandard methods, that you cannot communicate with your child, that the effort is not effective, that your child's learning is not efficient, and that your child's overall quality is not developed.
  Therefore, parents should first of all affirm themselves this courage, this sincerity, this modesty, this starting point. Not all parents are as willing as you are to undertake serious study for the sake of their children's education and to explore ways to guide their children's learning.
  This is a starting point for you to become a great parent in the future.
  Be confident in this and believe that in a short time you will make significant and surprising changes in your own homeschooling.

  1.3 It's not hard to be a good parent
  Then, if you set out with such sincerity, along with self-confidence and the courage to change yourself, and believe that you can improve your homeschooling methods more and more, two changes will definitely occur.
The first change, a significant change and improvement in homeschooling.
The second change, a significant change and improvement in the child accordingly.

  There was a parent who studied some of the contents taught in the book, mastered the correct method, and became a parent at once. The child's grades improved, the child used to be afraid to answer the phone at home, but now not only dare to answer the phone, and even dare to speak in public, dare to communicate with parents, and dare to go out to do things.

  It's not hard to do this!

  1.4 Just resolve to make changes

  To make changes, you have to let go of old boxes, old experiences and old patterns in your mind as much as possible.

  Many parents certainly have more stereotypical approaches to their children's education. Some may be right, but some approaches are definitely wrong.

  If your child has been raised particularly successfully, and your child's academic ability, moral standards, and communication with parents are all particularly good, and your child doesn't worry about you at all, and you don't have a single worry about his future, about his entrance into high school or college, then your tutor is qualified.

  If you fail to do this, there must be some aspect of your job that is not up to par and you need to find a way to change it.

  As a parent, no matter how old your child is, middle school, elementary school, kindergarten, or an infant, you need to improve yourself and change yourself as much as possible.

  Don't be a fretful parent, be a parent who can teach your child truly well.

  After we discuss the methods of educating children together, the effect should be like this: the parents have changed significantly in their minds, have a new way of guiding their children's learning, and treat their children with a new image. After a few months, the child's learning goes up, the emotional intelligence improves, and the relationship with the parents becomes closer.

  Everyone can do this and can do it better.

  1.5 Changing yourself is a prerequisite for changing your child

  After parents improve, they also have to communicate with their children. If the child can change, the parents can change too.

  Once the change comes, the problem is solved.

  Many things are different in the way, do this will fail, do that will succeed. It's the same with economics, politics, sports, literature and art.

  Family education is the same, do this will fail, do that will be successful, is a problem of method. Must find a way to change our ideas, thinking, methods, models over for the better!

  1.6 Learn the new standard of good

  Want to happen this change, first of all, to learn good to develop a new standard.

  What do you mean by good learning?

  The first standard, good academic performance, and is a good all-round performance, not just good math, bad arts; or just good arts, bad math. It should be all-around good, able to deal with all kinds of exams.

  The second criterion, creative, able to creatively apply the knowledge learned to solve problems.

  The third criterion is to be good in studies, but not to be a nerd, but to have the ability to adapt to society and to express oneself socially.

  The fourth criterion, good learning, but also physical and mental health. If the child is not in good health, sick, always sick, that is called learning badly, the tutoring method is not right.

  The fifth criterion, learn happy, learn comfortable, is an important sign of good learning. If a child is not happy learning, learning is very hard, temporary good results, but also can not be considered good learning, because in the long run there may be problems.

  What we advocate for a child to learn well are five such criteria.

  Just raise your child to be like this.

  How to make the child do this, first of all, is in the concept of change.

  1.7 Parent self-assessment

  1, how is your child's academic performance?

  (1) Good performance in all subjects

  (2) Some subjects are not good

  (3) Seriously biased

  (4) Generally unsatisfactory

  (5) All average

  2、Does your child have creativity?

  (1) Like to create

  (2) Average

  (3) Poorly

  3, How is your child's social skills?

  (1) Strong

  (2) Fair

  (3) Poor

  (4) Very poor

  4、How is your child's physical and mental health?

  (1) Very healthy

  (2) relatively healthy

  (3) Fair

  (4) Poor

  5、Does your child like to study?

  (1) Like

  (2) Likes some subjects

  (3) Like it more

  (4) Don't like it much

  (5) Don't like it

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