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          People who are loving are usually truly confident people. Confidence is the belief in one's ability to achieve the goals in one's heart; confidence is the core of character, and loving-kindness is the companion to confidence. The American writer Maltz said, "We have to fill ourselves with confidence, just as we have to fill ourselves with food every day." With self-confidence, can you still not learn well? And I think that although there are many ways to develop children's self-confidence, one of the shortcuts is to start by cultivating children's love, in the process of encouraging children to love people and help others, to guide children from a higher perspective to form a sense of "I can do it". In addition, it is also certain that without the support of love, "self-confidence" is not really "self-confidence", even if you have overcome low self-esteem, the formation of self-confidence, but also easy to evolve into "arrogance " or "conceit".

  Habits of love.

  (1) Habits of filial piety to the elderly and elders

  (2) The habit of sharing with others

  (3) The habit of taking care of the small life around you

  (4)The habit of helping the weak

  5. Spirit of cooperation

  Cooperation is to work together and to work around a goal. There are millions of successful people's paths, but there are always some commonalities, and unity and cooperation are the common characteristics of many successful people. According to analysis, more than 80% of the Nobel Prize achievements are the result of cooperation.

  But, how is the current sense of cooperation among children? In our research, we found that more than 80% of only children have different degrees of aggressive needs, which is one of the main personality defects of only children today. Tao Xingzhi said it well: Don't be a man above people, don't be a man outside people, be a man among people.

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