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  These are four common misconceptions about home study tutoring that we have summarized.

  One is to indulge and let them dash around. Do not care about your child's learning, only when it comes to exams and promotion will you pay attention to your child's learning scores. The usual indulgence of children, but also indulge themselves, at home often gathered a lot of friends playing mahjong, drinking, yelling, etc..

  Secondly, it is indiscriminate and blind management, and the seeds get the beans. Not to grasp the scientific method of learning guidance, have to use the "think" discipline, such as the use of monetary stimulation, the child scored a high score on the test, the reward 100 yuan, the test is not good, corporal punishment and so on.

  Thirdly, nagging and scolding, reckless scolding. Parents endlessly nagging and scolding every day, using simple language, either "you do not always play", "you do not hurry to do your homework", or "you must fight, learning is not good, there is no future success "etc., children listen to these constantly repeated "nonsense" every day, tastes like chewing wax, over time, not only did not have any effect, but formed the parents' words as a bad habit of listening to the wind. Worse, they will also use the "historical characteristics" of scolding because they "hate iron but can't steel".

  Fourthly, instead of doing everything, we create "machines". Education is not about making obedient machines for people to use, but about training children to be useful to society. Many parents believe that the guidance of children's learning, is to help children review their homework every day, every day to check whether the child's homework is correct, correct the child's mistakes, for the child to sharpen pencils, look at the class schedule, pack the school bag, and even look at the child can not write, can not do math problems, hate to replace the child to do. In addition, "instead of doing" there is a phenomenon, the world's parents have never had a meeting together, but there must be a sentence is completely consistent, this sentence is: "child, as long as you get your studies right, everything is not your concern." Let the child become a complete "learning machine", nothing, only according to the parents' requirements buried in learning, become the authentic nerd. Why do our children not like to learn?

  Our survey found that 8.4% of elementary school students, 10.7% of junior high school students, and only 4.3% of high school students answered that they "like to learn". In addition, more than half of elementary and middle school students do not get enough sleep when studying overtime, 43.6% of elementary and middle school students feel a lot of pressure to study, and 20% of them consider study pressure as the most troublesome thing for them. The biggest problem is that most of the only children lack interest in learning activities themselves and cannot feel happy, and the tendency to be bored with school is more common. There are many reasons for school boredom, so we suggest that parents check with us to see the real reasons why their children are bored with school!

Educational toys can be used to prompt children's learning abilities 

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