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 "Interest" is a common but magical steering wheel, from which we can really steer the boat of future life. There are several basic methods to cultivate children's interests.

  (1) Play and learn method

  Guide children to learn to play and learn from playing. Most of the reasons why children take the initiative to play are due to curiosity, so we don't have to always complain that "my child only knows how to play", or always say to our children: "only know how to play, play is no good." However, if your child always repeats a game with a very obvious result, you should set a time and let your child play within the set time.

  (2) Ask for guidance

  The parent is the child's student. Not to play the child's student, but to learn from the child by heart, in fact, modern children have a lot to learn from adults.

  (3) Open-mindedness

  People's interest will be stimulated by more exposure to things, more reading and more association.

  Go to contact with mountains, rivers, oceans, plants, animals ...... to contact with life, work, art, science, high technology ...... diverse and complex and unpredictable world, at any time can arouse curiosity.

  To read history, geography, poetry, prose ...... to read newspapers, magazines, science books, short articles ...... the vast and ever-increasing ocean of knowledge that can stimulate one's interest at any time.

  Empowering children with a more open life, in the open practice, guide children to active thoughts, develop associations, feel pleasant and strengthen the experience. Learning interests, hobbies, including an indefinable strong demand for learning, will naturally arise and develop from within.

  (4) Breakthrough method

  Develop your child's interest. It is important to focus on one thing, rather than on another, and to find a breakthrough point so that you can learn by example.

  That is to say, to help children to recognize their own strengths, to promote their own strengths, so that their strengths part to give full play to. For example, if a child is good at a certain subject, let it be better, or even let it be "top" in the class, so that teachers and classmates affirm, praise, this is the most effective way to form a person's central interest.

  One of the characteristics of a good personality is the combination of major and non-major interests, that is, central and broad interests. However, it is important to avoid the randomness of interests, that is, being interested in this today and in that tomorrow, which interest is not stable, to which interest no work is put and no results are achieved, very randomly. This randomness is not good for the child's learning and development.

  Another approach to breakthrough is to focus on reversing the "uninteresting" subjects, which is an emotional experience formed through participation and work. The content of learning in school is something that meets the intrinsic needs of children and should be of interest to them. For example, if the whole family goes out and the child can laugh and communicate with foreigners, that is a very happy and enviable thing, how can they not be interested? The so-called disinterest is caused by various reasons, such as poor academic performance, criticism, and difficulties.

  For things that are needed for personal development and social development, as long as you keep investing in them, you will develop feelings and interests.

Educational toys can be used to prompt children's learning abilities 

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