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 A confident person is also unable to completely avoid failure, and failure is precisely a challenge to one's self-confidence. The key to whether a person has developed persevering and tenacious habits is to see how he faces failures and setbacks.

  In the long process of learning. Failure and frustration are inevitable, and because of this, how to face failure becomes a very important issue.

  The first thing that parents should realize is what failure really is. Failure means that the intended goal is not achieved or not reached, or is a blow or in trouble. Generally speaking, failure always precedes success, and it is difficult to achieve success if you cannot get past it. Failure is not a static situation, it will also change. It does not develop in a good direction will develop in a worse direction, so that you are a failure. If you have the right attitude, you can turn defeat into victory, the attitude is not correct, then you will receive a more serious second blow, failure is a chain reaction will occur.

  Second, parents should learn to face failure and setbacks with their children. In the face of setbacks, parents and children are comrades in the same trench, and should support each other and work together to exercise a strong ability to cope with setbacks. The specific curriculum is divided into three steps.

  (1) Restrain pain and avoid chain reactions

  A. First, learn to properly deal with the pain caused by failure. It is because of their own mental pain, so that when a person receives the first blow, they are mentally disorganized, lose the ability to defend and counterattack, give up the immediate opportunity to turn defeat into victory, and sit back and wait for the second blow to come.

  B. In the spirit of failure to be prepared. An ordinary person, to go through a thousand refinements to become a perfect winner. There are many flaws and shortcomings in people, but also in the painful refinement of failure, before they are willing to throw away these faults. Only after the experience of failure, people can become stronger, more resilient, to know more about life, more about the value of people. Failure is painful and sometimes catastrophic, try to avoid it before it happens, and after it happens, we should not see it as something completely negative, but fully realize its positive effects and use it as a good opportunity to improve our spiritual strength. Failure is inevitable, so we should be mentally prepared for it. In addition, we should usually pay attention to exercise their ability to control their feelings in every small failure.

  C. Do not focus on those useless emotions. Experience the pain, only the more you experience the more pain, can neither eliminate the pain, nor solve the problem, and delay the time, bringing more terrible consequences. Do not regret, do not complain, the lessons of failure are to be summarized, accepted and remembered, but this is not the same thing as regret and complaint, do not carry emotions, but rely on reason. Do not focus on the past, but on the present and the future. Most importantly, focus on one thing: what now?

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