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 Cultivating good habits in children

  Cultivating character is of the utmost importance.

  A universal issue, that is, education is like a ship on the sea, it must follow the right course, otherwise, the larger the ship is, the greater the danger of hitting the reef and sinking. In other words, the quality of people, determine the direction of human development.

  There is no doubt that one of the core tasks of family education is to train children to become a real person.

  Everything starts with habit cultivation

  It is difficult to implement the problem of personality development into concrete operation. Later, after long-term research and exploration, we rediscovered that the relationship between habits and personality is complementary; habits affect personality, and personality affects habits even more. In a more profound sense, habits are the foundation of life, and the level of foundation determines the level of human development.

  The behavior of a person depends to a great extent on his habits. Through a subtle habit, one can often analyze the degree of a person's mind, style, morality or civilization. Good habits of moral behavior enable character to reach a high level from within, without detours. From the point of view of system science, moral habits are the process of automating moral actions, the breakthrough point of transforming from infrequent moral actions into personal character, and the indicator of qualitative changes in character development.

  The formation of a person's good moral qualities must eventually be implemented to excellent external behavior, and the real standard for measuring the effect of moral education is not to see his or her accidental behavior, let alone listening to his or her eloquent speech, but to see whether he or she has developed good moral habits. In this sense, the purpose of moral education, simply put, is to develop good habits.

  "Habit" is the result of education, and the formation of good habits is the highest level of behavior. Habit is not a general behavior, but a stereotyped behavior. It is a series of conditioned reflexes established in people's minds, which are formed under repeated and regular stimuli, and a solid neural connection is established in the brain, and as long as the same stimuli are exposed again, the same reaction will naturally appear, so it is a long-term accumulation of conditioned reflexes and repeated reinforcement. Therefore, it is the product of long-term accumulation and repeated reinforcement of conditioned reflexes. From the point of view of psychological mechanism, it is a kind of need, once the habit is formed, it will become a human need, if not, it will feel very awkward. Thus it has a relative stability, with the role of automation, it does not need to be urged, reminded, and does not require their own will to work, which is what we usually say "habit becomes natural", is a time-saving, labor-saving natural action.

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