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 All successful people have to experience loneliness, humiliation and failure, which is an eternal truth.

  To endure loneliness - God only helps those who can help themselves. To be successful, people must endure loneliness and isolation that ordinary people cannot endure, and they can be outstanding in loneliness and isolation.

  Endure humiliation - temporary humiliation and suffering can sharpen one's will, as long as there is a dream in the heart, we can deal with the misfortune that appears in front of us, the key is to do a good job of what we have at hand.

  Endure failure - opportunities all exist in the sober awareness of failure, and the most important thing is that we do it immediately. These are the ideological prerequisites for getting angry, which is self-improvement and hard work.

  However, what is more important is the content and form of anger, that is, how to change the conditions to achieve the best results, which is the core of anger.

  In Brazil, there was a child named Santos, who, like other children in Brazil, loved soccer since he was a child. But then he got polio, and after six operations, he was spared from death but left with a lifelong disability. His left kneecap was deformed, his toes flared outward, his muscles were underdeveloped, and his right leg was severely deformed; he could not stand and had to move around in a wheelchair.

  He was so envious when he saw his buddies playing soccer on the street that sometimes he was so enthralled that he couldn't help but move his own feet, but when his feet hit the block on the wheelchair and the pain became unbearable, he came back to the harsh reality.

  It was this child who, after tenacious exercise, was able to stand up, leave his wheelchair behind, run and jump, learn to play football, and become the mainstay of the national team, participating in the sixth, seventh and eighth World Cup tournaments, making a remarkable contribution to the Brazilian team winning two consecutive championships.

  This Santos is the familiar Gatchalin, which means rocket bird, reminding people of the fastest flying rocket bird in Brazil due to his flying all over the field when he played.

  Gatchalin's miracle lies, first of all, in his restraint of his pain; instead of sitting in a wheelchair and crying in the corner, he moved around and was active and tenacious in his workouts. Second, he saw the problem clearly. He saw that defeat was not a foregone conclusion and that there was hope for victory if he worked hard. This is nothing.

  What's even better is that he made use of his characteristic of one foot being long and one foot being short, and practiced the masterpiece of turning and changing direction suddenly and flexibly in the middle of fast running, and at the same time, used the defect of left foot flared to make a fake move and turn and cut quickly, forming a miracle in the history of world soccer.

  This is the classic case of hair-raising anger. Therefore, when a child is frustrated or angry, the most important thing is not to comfort or wait for the child to comprehend and then get angry, but it is better to.

  First, analyze with your child the real reason for the "unevenness" is usually the lack of preparation of "conditions", not talent or human feelings, so you should try to create conditions, change conditions, and fight for victory with reasons and methods.

  Second, try to divert your child's anger. The best thing to do is to find immediate and successful learning tasks to keep your child busy.

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