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  Any child who is at the top of his or her studies is generally a person with a heart, both in studies and in life. If you look at the great men and women of the world who have achieved great things, they are all thoughtful people.

  And to be a person with a heart, one of the most obvious features is to be able to take some notes at any time, as long as you can slightly set off the details of the heart, no matter what you observe, or what you read, or what comes to mind, even if it is a sentence, a word, are casually recorded in a carefully prepared small book.

  For example, the great Renaissance painter Leonardo da Vinci used to record some numbers, graphics, words and even his incredible imagination in a small book he had with him, which were the details of his great dreams, and his achievements were made up of these details.

  Churchill, the famous British politician and writer, even when he was fighting in the war, paid attention to the things that interested him, and it was this great sense of documentation that made him not only a great politician, but also a famous writer, and his great book "History of the Second World War" was written in this way.

  Of course, our ancients also have "pushing" and "three on" (saddle, toilet, bed) and other classic notes of good taste.

  The basic requirements of the method of handwritten notes.

  First, with proper classification, it is not necessary to define what should be written down, as long as it is written down. The appropriate classification should be done in the context of the child's trend of success and personal preferences, such as literature, art, mathematics, foreign languages, etc. The content of the record does not have to be limited, as long as it makes the child think, it can be the content of the record, such as a sentence of a person, the title of a painting, a poem in a book, a short story.

  Secondly, there is no need to restrict the way of recording, it can be words, it can also be their own sketches according to their imagination, it can also be numbers, it can be according to the child's own preferences randomly painted, especially for younger children, it should encourage him to create their own favorite way to record, parents do not have to worry that they will waste the book.

  Third, in order to make the child active, enthusiastic and even cool to do this, and to form a method, it is recommended that parents can also work with their children to design the style of the book, such as each book can have a formal "book title", such as "If there is a thought - x x mind notes (6th grade volume)", "the space of the mind - Liang Bangda mathematics The Story of Love--Sun Xiaoxiao's Little Stories in Language, etc. Use your child's imagination to come up with a good name so that he or she can love something that is almost "creative".

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