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The fundamental meaning of goals is to determine the direction of striving, and in the actual study life, the meaning of goals materializes into self-evaluation or assessment.

  It is possible for anyone to make a new step in his or her level of thinking and behavior and reach a new stable level through a period of effort, which everyone can do.

  The accumulation of small quantitative and qualitative changes will definitely lead to large quantitative and qualitative changes, which is an objective law, and this is the development of human beings in a spiral upward trend. Spiral upward momentum requires the combination of human ambitious goals and "small, near, real" milestones. The history of human development is that there are both ambitious and beautiful aspirations, and there are appropriately higher than their own level of goals to motivate, to achieve the goal.

  If one has a goal, one has motivation, responsibility and courage; if one does not have a goal to pursue, one will become bored, lonely and even at a loss, not knowing what to do.

  And without a long-term goal, a person becomes uninspired; without a medium-term goal, a person becomes unspiritual; without a short-term goal, a person becomes undiligent. Someone listed such a formula: goal = goal height × possibility of reaching. If the goal is low, one is not interested; if the goal is high, the possibility of reaching it is small, and one loses confidence.

  What kind of goal is effective? An effective goal must have the following conditions.

  One is specific.

  Second, it is quantifiable.

  Third, it is achievable.

  Fourth, it is results-oriented.

  Five is a time frame.

  The above conditions must be available at the same time, otherwise it is not the goal. The most important of these are two and five. Quantitative is that which can be described using precise numbers, and even if it cannot be described by numbers, it must be further broken down and then described by numbers. Time-bound means that it must be accomplished within a limited time frame. A goal that cannot be quantified and does not have a time limit is invalid and can easily be an illusion without any meaning.

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