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 Everyone must be prepared with the idea that developing a good habit or correcting a bad habit is difficult and necessary.

  Cultivating good habits requires the addition method, which lasts 21 days and will begin to develop; correcting bad habits requires the subtraction method, which gradually reduces the number of bad behaviors.

  Every parent with love and persistence can discover and create something, and has every hope of developing good habits and a healthy personality in their children.

  Building character through habit formation

  1. Decency

  If a tree is not straight, it will be difficult to grow into a tree, and it will be difficult to stretch and resist more storms and thunder in the process of growth. The same applies to human growth. If you are not upright, you will not be able to accept the risks that come with growth itself. For a tree to grow healthily and uprightly, it depends mainly on.

  First, the roots of the tree are solid and deep in order to fully absorb nutrients.

  The second is the strength of the trunk in order to maintain the direction of upright growth.

  Third, the branches of the tree's swaying straight up, in order to dazzle independent. This is also true for knowledge and learning, "the roots of the tree are solid and deep" is a steady and practical style, in order to continue to go deeper and deeper, so that the bottom and strength of research. The "strength of the trunk" is the power to overcome laziness and interfering factors, so as to form a stable desire to learn. The "branch of the tree's swaying straight up" is a healthy and rich emotional world, only love and hate, the courage to choose, in order to establish ambitious goals.

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