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Children's self-management ability is not innate, but also needs to be nurtured and exercised. Parents need to give their children the opportunity to exercise self-management skills, starting with small things.

【Parent-child scene】

Case 1:

Xiaomi will go to high school next year, but she is a child who worries her mother very much, both in life and in school. So far, Xiaomi has never washed her clothes once, and her mother has usually done her study plan and homework inspection on her behalf. The mother felt that the child had to learn to self-manage in order to adapt to high school life.

Therefore, the mother deliberately left the little things in life to Xiaomi herself. She let the child wash and fold the clothes by himself. In the study, the mother no longer intervened. The purpose is to make the child develop a good habit of managing his own learning. .

At first, Xiaomi couldn't manage herself, but her mother explained to her the key relationship and the life she will face in the future. Xiaomi realized the importance of managing herself. With the help of her mother, before she went to high school, Xiaomi slowly learned to manage herself, for which her mother was very pleased.

Case 2:

Li Hui's father travels abroad all year round, and the task of educating the children falls on his mother. The mother always thought that she owed her children something, so she took great care of Li Hui.

From a young age, her mother spoiled Li Hui, helping her dress, wash, and bring the bowl to her for meals. The child accepted her mother's favor with peace of mind and became very willful, as long as her mother did not do what she wanted. , she would cry non-stop, and she did not know how to control her temper.

Li Hui went to school, and she gave both teachers and classmates a headache. When everyone ate bananas together, she didn't even know that bananas were eaten after peeling them; if other students accidentally touched her, she would burst into tears, leaving the teacher at a loss. In addition, Li Hui's hands-on ability and learning ability are also worse than other students.

After her mother learned about Li Hui's performance in school, she began to reflect on the way she taught her.

【Expert Analysis】

Self-care ability is the premise and foundation for children to move from dependence to independence. It is a necessary ability for children to learn to take care of their own clothing, food, housing, and transportation. This will help children gradually get rid of their dependence on their parents and become truly independent people.

A questionnaire shows that 98% of parents are worried about their children's poor self-care ability, which has become a parent's heart disease. But most of this heart disease is made by the parents themselves.

In the name of love, parents often do everything for their children and deal with all difficulties. Some children accept it with peace of mind, relying on their parents for everything; some children have already developed the consciousness of taking care of themselves, but they suffer from the repression of their parents and are unable to implement them, thus resulting in a rebellious mentality. When the child is young, parents deprive the child of the right to take care of themselves. When the child is older, they complain that the child is lazy and unable to take care of himself. This is unfair to the child.

Many parents think that it is enough for children to study well. This is a misunderstanding of education. Reading is important, but children always have to enter the society. No book knowledge can replace self-care, self-reliance and the virtue of loving labor. Therefore, parents should let their children learn self-management before their children enter the society.

With the growth of children's age and the enhancement of self-awareness, they will realize that they need to learn self-management, but children have little social experience, lack of self-discipline awareness, and will not perform well in self-management. Parents should realize that the development of children's self-management ability has a gradual process, from passive to active, from low-level to high-level, from unconscious to conscious, and the self-management ability and level also improve.

If children have good self-management skills, they will better adapt to the new environment, promote the development of children's hands-on ability, and help children build up self-confidence and develop independent excellent qualities. Therefore, cultivating children's self-care ability is a Important content of home education for parents.

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