Often more durable and safer, wooden toys encourage creative play, promote sensory development, and give kids a tie to the natural world-Woodmam


With so many loud, flashy plastic items filling the shelves, it can be hard for wooden toys to stack up. But wood definitely doesn't equal boring.


These classic toys aren’t just for the ‘gram. Often more durable and safer, wooden toys encourage creative play, promote sensory development, and give kids a tie to the natural world. Our child-tested list of the best wooden toys kids:

Rainbow bead abacus

How many ways can your little one count with ten rows of ten beads? This brightly coloured abacus is a great tactile toy for a toddler, an introduction to counting and grouping for a preschooler, and even a fun way for older kids to solve simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems. Learn more

-Montessori Wooden Math Educational Toy Training Children Early Learning Number Calculating Abacus Colorful Bead game Mathematics - woodmam

Chunky clock puzzle

Versatility is the biggest draw of this cute puzzle from Hape. Preschool-age kids learn shapes, numbers, and colors as they grow familiar with the practice of telling time.

-Free Shipping Kids Classic 26 letter 3D Puzzle Preschool Learning Educational Toy for Toddlers Wooden Jigsaw Early Learning Aids - woodmam


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