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Franck graduated from West Point, where he was captain of the baseball team and planned to make a lifelong career as an officer. But now, it seems, retirement is the only option. He knew that severely wounded NCOs rarely returned to operational duty.

  After the surgery, Franck's greatest sorrow was that he had lost all of his grit on the baseball field. At the weekly baseball games, he could only hit the ball with his bat while others ran the bases for him. One day, as he was waiting for his turn to bat, he saw a teammate sliding and falling to take third base. He thought, "If I try to run the bases too, I'll be like him at most. So he hit the ball, pushed away his partner who was running for him, and ran with a limp, holding back the pain, and while running between the first and second bases, he saw that the opposing player had caught the ball and was throwing it to the man on second base. He closed his eyes and ordered himself to slide headfirst into third base. He smiled triumphantly when he heard the umpire shout "safe".

  A few years later, Francke had to lead a squadron on a drill in a difficult terrain. His superiors were concerned about whether he could do the job due to the amputation of one of his lower legs, but Francke told them that he could and said, "It would even allow me to get closer to the soldiers. If my prosthetic leg got stuck in the muck, I would tell them it was because I didn't have two full legs."

  Today Franke is a four-star general officer and can run as well as ride a bike steadily. He says, "Losing a leg taught me that one can be limited by one's impairment as much or as little as you want, depending on how you see and deal with it. The important thing is to pay attention to the strengths you have, not to keep thinking about your defects."

  A few pieces of advice that will benefit you

  Do not count the number of trivial things in your life - such as the number of acquaintances and friends, the number of units worked, the number of achievements. You should think more about the quality of everything.

  It is vital for you to use your time in a planned and purposeful way, according to the goals of your life. You have to value your time immensely, because time is more valuable than anything else of value.

  Do not count the number of trivial things in your life - such as the number of acquaintances and friends, the number of units you have worked in, the number of achievements you have made. Everything should be thought more about the quality of good and bad. To get rid of the tedious chores. If you are entangled in trivialities, then your efficiency will be very low. On the contrary, your work efficiency will be high.

  At home and at work, distinguish between what you must do alone and what you should delegate to others, and do not leave everything to others.

  To spend some time alone, concentrate on a concert, visit a museum, read a puzzling book, or sit in a chair and gaze quietly at the sky. Meditation feeds the body.

  When you are going somewhere or going to accomplish something, allow yourself more time. That way in case you are delayed, then you will not have to worry about it.

  Don't get your appointment date wrong, or propose unnecessary and rarely leave room for an appointment deadline, rather than saying, "The appointment is between 11 and 11:30," rather than "The appointment must be at 11.

  In the morning, you should get up 15 minutes earlier, then you will not be anxious to go to work, your mood will feel calmer than a few more minutes of sleep, and you will have much more energy.

  Don't interrupt others. It is a good quality to listen patiently to what others are saying. Don't mind someone working slowly, unless they don't know how to do anything. Never go to talk too much and accuse others when they are working.

  Don't get angry about trivial things, such as delayed trains, arrogant waiters or rude salespeople. If you are often angry about these small things, then in most cases, you will not be able to do anything.

  Avoid contact with people who always like to set things right and wrong. To make friends with people who have good habits, which will bring pleasure to your life, but you do not have to verbally speak this way often. You yourself should first try to develop a good work style and habits so that others are willing to get along with you.

  The eight road signs of life

  There are countless road signs on the long road of life, which tell us what we should or should not do. If we follow them one by one, we will surely be successful.

  The first signpost on the road of life is written: endurance. Some people think that the so-called success is nothing more than the set of ABC theory - talent, determination and courage. But we want to succeed just these three is far from enough. You must also be stubborn endurance to deal with the various obstacles encountered in life, obstacles. Booker T. Washington once said, "I thought that the measure of a man's success or not, not exactly by the position he has got in life as the standard, but by the number of obstacles he has crossed in his efforts to get to the road of success as the measure."

  We all have to deal with the headaches and disappointments. Let's put the status issue aside for a moment, in order to succeed, you have to have the stamina. A famous boxer in his book "One More Round! In his "One More Round!", a famous boxer demonstrated this tenacity when he wrote: "One more round! When you are unsteady on your feet and about to fall, fight another round! When you are too exhausted to raise your arms to defend yourself from your opponent's attack, fight another round! Sometimes you are bruised and battered, unable to fight again, or even you hope that your opponent will simply punch you unconscious, at this moment - one more round! Remember, a man who often 'fights one more round' is not beaten."

  The second signpost on this path reads: humility. Benjamin Franklin said, "The door of knowledge is always open to anyone. If all you have is what you learned in school, you will be at the lowest level of competence and value when choosing a career in the next 15 years. Henley Ford asserted: "A man is senile if he stops learning, whether his actual age is over 80 or he has just reached adulthood. The person who constantly strives to learn not only maintains the vitality of youth, but also makes himself more valuable."

  The third signpost reads: considerate. Mark Twain wrote in one of his works, "Kindness, a language universal to the world, and palpable to the blind, and audible to the deaf." It is a virtue to be considerate of others, and it is a serious and important thing. The virtue of being considerate and generous to others is priceless.

  The fourth signpost reads: Caring. The word caring can also be expressed in words like "compassionate" or "sincere". If you are willing to spend money and time to protect and support those who deserve it, you can call yourself the most caring of them all. With this kind of character, you will be an honest and enthusiastic person, and you will be practical rather than lazy in your work. Please remember: Do your best to your teachers, classmates, friends, family and those whom you should help in whatever way you can.

  The fifth signpost is: originality. This is one of the hardest things to do in everyday life, and often it is the bad habit of resentment that ruins our originality. Not being satisfied with the status quo is a necessary condition for building a new world, but you should not forget that not being satisfied with the status quo creates social servants, but also provides a suitable soil for the generation of cynical people. Generally speaking, some people explore life and find the answer, but they are deeply dissatisfied with the answer, so the world emerges as public servants, builders of new worlds and inventors of new methods. Others, who do not find the answer, hold a complaining and even resisting attitude toward human inventions and social life.

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