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Like not long ago, the "father of hybrid rice" Yuan Longping took the initiative to implement the "title thinning", the purpose is, of course, to continue the "core advantage" for a long time.

  However, in our society, there are too many people who "live elsewhere", too many people who want to burn the next pot or others that pot, too many people who can't open the pot, too many people who can really sit on the bench, in their own professional aspects can refine and refine again, not many people.

  Of course, to let people quietly to boil their own pot, in terms of society, but also some institutional guarantees. In an ideal social form, a professional skillful people should get the appropriate treatment, should not make people feel that only being an official is the most worthy of boiling water. Only if more people boil their own water, the whole country will have its own "core strengths", right?

  Untie your shoelaces

  People can only do one thing at a time, know how to grasp the focus, is the real talent.

  Before a master performer went on stage, his disciple told him his shoelace was loose. The master nodded his head to thank him and squatted down to carefully tie it. When the disciple turned around, he squatted down again to untie his shoelaces.

  A bystander saw this and asked in confusion, "Master, why are you untying your shoelaces again?" The master replied, "Because I was playing a tired traveler, and the long journey had loosened his shoelaces so that his tiredness and emaciation could be shown through this detail."

  "Then why did you not tell your disciple directly?"

  "He could carefully notice that my shoelace was loose and enthusiastically told me, I must protect this enthusiastic positivity of his and give him encouragement in time, as to why I had to untie the shoelace, there will be more opportunities to teach him to perform in the future, so I can talk about it next time."

  People can only do one thing at a time, know how to grasp the focus, is the real talent.

  The apple by the river

  Fly the kite of thought and pick an "apple".

  There was an old monk who had a group of devout disciples around him. One day, he instructed each disciple to go to the south mountain and fetch a load of firewood. The disciples hurried to the river not far from the mountain, everyone was dumbfounded. They saw that the flood water was pouring down from the mountain, so they could not cross the river to get firewood anyway. Without success, the disciples were a bit downhearted.

  Only a young monk and the master frankly opposite. The master asked the reason, the young monk took out an apple from his arms, handed it to the master, said, can not cross the river, can not firewood, see the river there is an apple tree, I will be the only one on the tree to pick an apple. Later, the young monk became the master's mantle heir.

  The world has an endless road, there is also a river that can not be crossed. Can not pass the river to turn back, is also a kind of wisdom. But the real wisdom also needs to do one thing at the river: fly the kite of thought and pick an "apple". Throughout the ages, people who have held such a belief in life have eventually achieved a breakthrough and transcendence in life.

  Simple truth

  If a person only cares about the immediate benefits, what he gets will be a short-lived pleasure; if a person aims high, he has to face the reality of life.

  Once upon a time, two hungry people were given a gift by an elder: a fishing rod and a basket of fresh and large fish. One of them asked for a basket of fish and the other one asked for a fishing rod, so they went their separate ways. The man who got the fish on the spot with dry wood to build a campfire to cook the fish, he gobbled it up, not yet tasting the fresh fish meat, in a flash, even the fish with soup he ate up, and soon, he died of hunger next to the empty fish basket. Another person continued to starve with a fishing rod, step by step with difficulty to the sea, but when he had seen the blue ocean not far away, his body's last bit of strength also finished, he could only bashfully with the endless regret of the earth.

  There are two hungry people, they were also given a fishing rod and a basket of fish from the elders. But they did not go their separate ways, but agreed to go together to find the sea, they both cooked one fish at a time, they came to the sea after a long trek, from then on, the two began to fish for a living, a few years later, they built a house, have their own families, children, have their own construction of fishing boats, live a happy and healthy life.

  A person who only cares about the immediate benefits will get a short-lived pleasure; a person with lofty goals, but also has to face the reality of life.

  Only by organically combining the ideal and the reality can we become a successful person. Sometimes, a simple truth is enough to give people a meaningful inspiration of life.


  What kind of choice determines what kind of life.

  When three men were sent to prison for three years, the warden asked each of them to make a request.

  The American, who loved to smoke cigars, asked for three boxes of cigars.

  The Frenchman was the most romantic and wanted the company of a beautiful woman.

  And the Jew said he wanted a telephone to communicate with the outside world.

  After three years, the first one to rush out was the American, his mouth and nostrils stuffed with cigars, shouting, "Give me the fire, give me the fire!" It turned out he had forgotten to ask for a light.

  The next to come out was the Frenchman. He was seen holding a small child in his hand, and the beautiful woman was holding a small child in her hand, with a third in her belly.

  The last one to come out was the Jew, who clasped the hand of the warden and said, "I have been in touch with the outside world every day for the past three years, and instead of stopping my business, it has grown by 200%, and to show my gratitude, I am giving you a Rolls Royce!"

  This story tells us that the kind of choice determines the kind of life. Our lives today are determined by the choices we made three years ago, and the choices we make today will determine our lives three years from now. We have to choose to be exposed to the latest information and understand the latest trends so that we can better create our future.

  If there is no choice

  People become rule-breaking because they have choices.

  The average person living in today's prosperous economic system has a lot of choices in anyone, anything and everything, and because there are so many choices, indecision and hesitation have become a habit for most people.

  When you look at another table and you eat something different, you may begin to wonder if theirs is better? So whenever you pick up the menu catalog and see a lot of names of dishes, you have to start indecisive again!

  When you see your friends and classmates doing well, you may start to wonder if you are in the wrong line of work, the wrong company; so you will be double-minded and work poorly, so you have to get worse and worse.

  When you go shopping and see a beautiful woman or a hot girl, you may wonder if you are married to the wrong wife, the wrong girlfriend? When you go home, you don't look good! How can relationships be good?

  And because there are more choices, it's easier to lose yourself, not knowing what you want.

  I remember once consulting a couple, then asked the husband: If you can only buy a car you like in this life, and can not change, then how will you maintain the car?

  The husband said excitedly, "Then I will use the best oil, on-time maintenance, often wash the car ......"

  I nodded and smiled while listening to him talk a lot, then I asked: "If you can only marry a wife in this life, and can not change, then how will you treat her?"

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