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The soldiers' eyes were moist. In the past few days, they had been moved by the scene of life and death many times, however, everything that followed was strongly shocked their hearts. The squad leader shouted: "Let's take another look, can we save them both." Once again, the soldiers searched carefully, yet there was still no hope. The man and the woman just kept saying save her (him), they both wanted to leave the possibility of life to each other. The hearts of the soldiers were very heavy, and they looked at each other helplessly, then shot their eyes at the squad leader again in unison. The squad leader lowered his head, sweat penetrating his entire uniform, and it seemed he couldn't make up his mind.

  An aftershock made the rubble and tiles on the beams shake even more. The man was anxious: "Comrades, you hesitate again, we are all finished. Quickly go to save her, she is a promising girl ......" "No, save him, he is our head ......"" Comrades, I am a member of the party, the responsibility to protect the interests and lives of the masses," the man's tone is hard and non-negotiable, "do not delay, come on, let's do it quickly, I sing a paragraph to encourage you." He sang with all his life's strength the Peking opera piece "The more hardship the Communist Party member, the more forward": "Communist Party members always listen to the Party's call, pick the heavy burden on the shoulders ......" The soldiers all cried, they hated their incompetence, hated the abominable The beams, hate this sudden disaster. They pick at the pile of rubble around the woman, without the nails of the hands again bloody. Sweat, tears, blood dripping on the rubble, leaving a trail of spots. Women have long been unable to speak, just let the tears flowing on the face.

  The woman was rescued, the other end of the beam collapsed with a bang, but the resounding tune still permeates the whole over the ruins ......

  This is a story told to me by my cousin who was a soldier and was one of the rescue fighters at the time. That year, I was 16 years old. Since then, I have understood the true meaning of life.

  The mindset of survival

  One is going to survive and one is going to thrive. Two mindsets lead to two behaviors, and two behaviors lead to two outcomes.

  Two people from the countryside went out to work, one to Shanghai and the other to Beijing. But when they were waiting for the bus in the waiting room, they both changed their mind because the people in the next seat were talking about: Shanghai people are smart and charge for asking for directions; Beijing people are simple and give not only steamed buns but also old clothes to those who cannot eat. People who went to Shanghai thought, "It's better to go to Beijing. Fortunately, the car had not arrived yet, otherwise they would have fallen into the fire. Those who went to Beijing thought, "It's better for Shanghai people, they can earn money by showing people the way, what else can't they earn money? I'm lucky I haven't gotten on the bus yet. Otherwise, I would have lost a chance to get rich.

  So they met at the ticket refund office. The one who was going to Beijing got a ticket to Shanghai, and the one who was going to Shanghai got a ticket to Beijing.

  The one who went to Beijing found that Beijing was really good, and he didn't do anything for a month when he first arrived in Beijing, but he was not hungry. Not only the pure water in the bank lobby can be drunk for nothing, but also the welcome tasting snacks in the big shopping malls can be eaten for nothing.

  People who go to Shanghai find that Shanghai is really a city where you can get rich and make money doing anything. Lead the way can make money, open the toilet can make money, get a basin of cold water for people to wash their faces can also make money. Just think of a way, and then spend a little effort, you can make money.

  With the countryman's feelings and knowledge of the soil, the next year, he filled ten construction sites with sand and leaves of the soil, in the name of "flower pot soil", to see no soil and love flowers to sell to the Shanghai people. He made six round trips between the city and the suburbs that day, netting 50 yuan. A year later, with "flower pot soil" he had a small storefront in Shanghai.

  In the usual street walk, he made a new discovery: some stores had bright floors but dark signboards. He immediately seized this opportunity, bought a man-ladder, buckets and rags, and set up a small cleaning company, specializing in scrubbing signboards. Today, his company has more than 150 wage earners, and his business has developed from Shanghai to Hangzhou and Nanjing.

  Not long ago, he took a train to Beijing to investigate the cleaning market. At the Beijing station, a rag-picker stuck his head into the soft sleeper car and asked him for a beer bottle. Just as they were handing the bottle, both of them froze because five years ago, they had exchanged tickets once.

  One to go to survive, one to go to develop, two ideas led to two behaviors, two behaviors led to two results, such different results, is not worthy of our thinking?

  Thinking determines success or failure

  In this era of information industry, the head will determine the pocket, the opportunity to get rich is the same for everyone, just smart minds are good at seizing business opportunities.

  There is a true story circulating in Zhejiang province: two youths opened the mountain together, one smashed the stones into rocks and transported them to the roadside to sell them to people who built houses; the other directly transported the stones to the pier and sold them to a flower and bird merchant in Hangzhou, because the stones here were always oddly shaped. 3 years later, the latter became the first person to build a tiled house in the village.

  Later, people in the village started to plant orchards. Their pears there are not only high yield, and the juice is thick and crisp, popular with domestic and foreign merchants. The person who had the first tile house, but then sold the fruit trees, began to plant willow. Because he found that the merchants who come here do not worry about picking good pears, only worry about buying the basket of pears. A few years later, he became the first person to buy a house in the city, and start a clothing business.

  At the end of the 90s of last century, Japan Toyota Asia representative Shinichi Yamada came to China for inspection, when he passed by this small mountain village by train, heard this story, immediately decided to get off the train to find this person. When he found this man, he was arguing with the shopkeeper across the street in front of his house, because when his store had a suit priced at 800 yuan, the same suit was priced at 750 yuan across the street; when he priced it at 750 yuan, it was priced at 700 yuan across the street. In a month, he only sold 8 suits wholesale, while the other door sold 800 suits wholesale.

  When he saw this situation, he was very disappointed and was about to go home when he learned the truth.

  It turned out that the store across the street was also owned by this man. So, Shinichi Yamada immediately decided to hire him with a million annual salary, because he has a unique business vision.

  The head decides the pocket, the opportunity to get rich is the same for everyone, but the smart mind is good at seizing business opportunities.

  When the opportunity comes, are you ready for it? This requires you to choose with a mature vision. tobeornottobe?Thinking comes from the question, and the question requires your choice.

  Set long-term goals

  If a person always follows others to work blindly without making a well for himself, he will never have the opportunity to pursue himself.

  There are two monks living next door to each other. The so-called next door is: the mountain next door. They lived in the temples on the two adjacent mountains. There was a stream between these two mountains, so these two monks would go down to the stream at the same time every day to pick water.

  Over time, they became good friends.

  In this way, time passed in the daily water picking, unknowingly has passed five years. Suddenly, one day, the monk on the left side of the mountain did not come down to pick water. The monk on the right thought, "He probably overslept." So he didn't think anything of it. But the next day, the monk on the left side of the mountain still didn't come down to pick water. The third day was the same. After a week, it was the same.

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