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This is what two people said.

  One person said: the same poverty, one is unthinking laziness, one is straightforward life of diligence; one is the annihilation of personality, one is the unyielding resistance. The two situations are indeed saddening.

  Another person said: Yes, the same poverty, some people will be poor and destitute, some people are really in the heart of the dream. No wonder someone asserted that material poverty is not terrible, what is terrible is spiritual poverty.

  Seize the opportunity

  "If you don't sweep a house, how can you sweep the world?" If you can't grasp the small opportunities, the big opportunities will be far away with you. When we make choices, we must not only look at the immediate benefits, but also consider the big picture.

  One night, after working overtime it was 10 o'clock, Mr. Zhang walked into a nearby snack bar and ordered a shrimp fried rice. Suddenly he heard a whispered conversation between two people next to him.

  There's no more rice.

  Cook another pot.

  Cook another pot?

  Cook another pot.

  After resting in his seat with a cup of tea for nearly half an hour, Mr. Zhang got the shrimp fried rice he wanted. He met the owner between meals. Asked him: "The restaurant is closing, you cook another pot of rice is not a waste? You could have asked me to change another restaurant."

  "No waste," said the owner, "to attract a customer, publicity, advertising, those costs are far greater than the cost of a pot of rice. Besides, you've walked into my store, which gives us an opportunity, and opportunities are costs, too."

  In some of our restaurants often leave some small customers out in the cold, in fact, they waste how many resources, they do not know it yet.

  Smart people do not let go of some small opportunities; because not to let go of small opportunities, will win big opportunities.

  Jingwu Zhu, a Chinese-American scientist at the University of Houston, is a famous figure in the study of superconductors. He says, "I owe most of my success today to my parents, who taught me to always keep my eyes open because the world has many opportunities and phenomena waiting to be discovered, and to still do something with every experiment even if it sometimes fails."

  "This is something my mother said most thoroughly. She said, 'If you fall on the ground, find a way to grab a handful of sand.' She thought it was worth taking even the smallest chance."

  "If you don't sweep one house, how can you sweep the world?" Fail to grasp the smallest opportunities and the big ones will be far away.

  Rules of the Game

  What seems to play a decisive role is not the amount of material wealth and the level of education, but the choice of the mind, whether it is kind and forgiving or selfish and narrow-minded.

  More than a decade ago, a traveler traveled to the Malay Peninsula. The peninsula is located in the tropics, the rainforest is luxuriant, flowers, colorful and exotic birds flying in the air and singing. On the coast, the blue waves undulate and the beaches are like jade. The indigenous inhabitants of the island are sun-dyed and healthy, calm and happy. The natural scenery enchanted the traveler, and the simplicity of the people made him linger. In particular, a strange dueling scene he happened to encounter, but also opened his eyes.

  The duelists were two young men of the Sakai tribe, almost as fit and handsome. They walked to the duel site with serious faces, naked, a look of either fish or net. The traveler was puzzled, the duelists' hands, neither guns, nor swords, but one holding a peacock plume. Peacock plume is the tail feathers of the peacock. They hold the upper end of the feather stalk, the lower end of the rounded middle of a beautiful "eye" tail pointing at each other, find the right distance to stand.

  The duel began, only to see them raise their "weapons", the beautiful "eye" to touch each other's naked upper body, and specialize in those weakest places, to tickle each other in every way possible. With the passage of time, the two people's expressions also underwent subtle changes, from "not together" slowly turned into "can't help it", and finally, one side finally can not stand the "torture". The duel is over. The two sides of the duel were surprisingly hostile, patting each other's shoulders and leaving one after the other.

  The traveler asked the guide: Is this a specially arranged humor show? The tour guide replied in the affirmative: Absolutely not. This is a traditional custom of the Sakai tribe, when it arose is not known, but indeed has been passed down for many years. In this tribe, if a person thinks he has been insulted by others, he can use a duel to vent his anger. There is only one way to fight, and that is what you just saw.

  There is no time limit for the duel, it can be scratched from morning to night, until one side laughs out loud, then it ends. The first to laugh is the loser. After laughing, the rivalry often shake hands and make peace. Just now the two boys are a pair of rivals, for a girl do not give way to each other, so they had to duel. After the duel the winner is happy, the loser is also convinced, because the rules of the game passed down from generation to generation have long been internalized into the concept of conscious compliance. Such a duel, not only can make the problem solved, and both sides will not be physically hurt, not to mention the bloodshed.

  The traveler's mind was strongly shocked, he definitely did not expect that in this almost primitive place, there is such a high level of survival wisdom, so full of artistic charm to maintain the dignity of the way. This suddenly reminded him of a legendary story from another people.

  A beautiful girl, a good young man, two people are deeply in love with each other in their hearts. But both of them had extraordinarily strong pride, and the girl's pride even became an extreme vanity. The girl is surrounded by many other suitors. The starry-eyed suitors made the girl unable to put up a fight to show her heart to her true love, and even absurdly proposed that she could only say yes if she got down on her knees and wooed her. This requirement leaves the young man in a dilemma, if not kneel down, naturally not get the beloved girl; and if you really kneel down, their dignity will be lost. Finally, the power of love prevailed, the young man gritted his teeth and knelt down. Just when the girl felt satisfied, while secretly despising the kneeling boy, the boy suddenly pulled out the dagger, stabbed into the girl's chest, then pulled out the dagger and stabbed into his own chest ...... their purpose was achieved, one got vanity, one maintained dignity, and the price is - the same death.

  The traveler is also an expert in the study of geography and humanities, he thus associates: everyone has dignity, everyone needs to maintain their dignity, but because of the different methods, the effect will be a world of difference. Is dignity maintained with a peacock plume or a dagger? The decisive role seems to be not the amount of material wealth and the level of culture, but the choice of the mind, is kind and tolerant or selfish and narrow. He felt that the trip was very rewarding, and wrote an article on what he saw and thought.

  Unfortunately, until now many people have not read it.

  The choice of life

  The warriors' eyes were moist. In the past few days, they had been moved many times by the scenes of life and death, yet what they saw in front of them shook their hearts strongly.

  The early morning of July 28, 1976, was a nightmare for the people of Tangshan. Moments after the blue light flashed, a city was razed to the ground, hundreds of thousands of people were buried in it, and countless families were torn apart. This story takes place in the midst of that already-forgotten disaster.

  They were found by rescue fighters on the third day after the earthquake. A huge beam was pressed across their bodies, one end pressing the lower half of the woman's body, the other dead center on the upper right side of the man's body, and the two were several meters apart, invisible to each other. The beam is too long, can only move one end, but the other end of the people under the beam will be buried again by the debris above. And remove all the piles of debris above, obviously not the few soldiers can do. The soldiers looked around, hoping to find a breakthrough to rescue both people at the same time, but the results came to nothing and the rescue was forced to stop. The man and woman crushed under the beam also realized this. The air was frozen and no one spoke. A soldier will be the water bottle to the woman's mouth, the woman cried, full of blood stained face vaguely visible in the past eyebrows.

  At that moment, the man pressed under the beam spoke, his voice slow but very firm: "Comrade PLA, get her out! She is the pillar of our Peking Opera troupe, many people like to listen to her singing Peking Opera ......" woman listened, hurriedly interrupted the man's words: "No, he is the head of our troupe, the troupe of everything depends on him to support. Save him, the regiment can't do without him." The man shook his head and hesitated: "I ...... I can not, save out will not live long. Besides, I am nearly half a hundred years old, she is still young, the road is still long." "You lie, you said as soon as you move the beam you will jump up like a rabbit." The man laughed, a little embarrassed: "I'm afraid you're bored, teasing you. Comrade Liberation Army, go and save her." "Chief, I am single and unattached, you still have sister-in-law and son ...... you just said, after being saved, must take them to travel to the Beidai River to pressure it!" The woman choked up. The man looked gloomy, silent for a while and said, "However, to travel to Beidaihe is indeed your sister-in-law's wish for many years ...... so, you promise me one thing, when you recover, take time to take her and nephew to go, so that they mother and son to see the sea." "No, chief, their mother and son can not do without you ......," the woman a little sobbing, tears fell a face.

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