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Seeing this, the old Zen master asked, "What has surprised you so much?"

  "No, old master, what amazes me is, how did you know about it?" The latter said, "On my way here today, I saw a cow with a rope through its nose, tied to a tree, and this cow wanted to leave the tree and go to the grass to graze, but who knows it turned around and around and could not get out. I thought that since Master didn't see it, he must not be able to answer it, but I didn't know that he got it right."

  The old Zen master smiled and said, "You asked about the matter, and I answered about the reason; you asked about the cow being bound by the rope and not being able to free itself, and I answered about the mind being tangled by mundane affairs and not being able to free itself.

  The young man was enlightened!

  A kite, no matter how it flies, cannot fly ten thousand miles high in the sky because it is held by a rope; a strong horse, no matter how strong it is, is saddled up and left to be whipped because it is held by a rope. Because of a rope, the kite lost the sky; because of a rope, the buffalo lost the grass; because of a rope, the elephant lost the freedom; because of a rope, the horse lost the gallop.

  Refine your goals

  The more specific and detailed the goal is designed, the easier it is to achieve.

  An experiment was done: three groups of people were organized and told to walk to three villages ten kilometers away.

  The first group did not know the name of the village, nor did they know how far it was, and they were just told to follow the guide. These people had just walked two or three kilometers when some people screamed, halfway through the walk some people almost angry, they complained why they had to walk so far, when can we reach. Some even sat on the side of the road and didn't want to go, and the further they went the more depressed they became.

  The second group knew the name of the village and the distance, but there were no milestones along the road, so they could only estimate the walking time and distance by experience. Halfway down the road, most people wanted to know how far they had gone, and the more experienced ones said, "About halfway."

  So everyone clustered forward again. When they reached three-quarters of the way, everyone was depressed and feeling exhausted, and the road still seemed long. When someone said, "We're almost there!" Everyone perked up again and picked up the pace.

  The third group not only knew the name of the village and the distance, but there was a milestone every kilometer on the road. People looked at the milestones as they walked, and with each shortened kilometer everyone had a small burst of joy. During the trip they used songs and laughter to eliminate fatigue and their emotions stayed high, so they soon reached their destination.

  This is not difficult to understand. If people clearly understand the clear goal of their actions and their own speed of proceeding, they will consciously overcome all difficulties and try to reach the goal. The more specific and detailed the goal is designed, the easier it is to achieve.

  The reason why goals seem far away is that we only see the long distance from the beginning to the end and feel discouraged and desperate. In fact, if you break it down step by step like an equation, the most difficult things will be simplified.

  In the 1984 Tokyo International Marathon Invitational, Honichi Yamada, an unknown runner, won the world championship. There were many people who doubted this. Two years later, he won again in the Italian International Marathon Invitational.

  Marathon is a sport of physical strength and endurance, only people with good physical fitness and endurance are expected to win the title, explosive power and speed are secondary factors.

  How did Benichi Yamada achieve success? In an interview he said this: "Before each race, I have to take the car to look carefully at the race route and draw down the more prominent signs along the way, such as the first sign is a big tree; the second sign is a bank; the third sign is a red house ...... so that it has been drawn to the race The end point. After the race started, I rushed to the first target at a speed of 100 meters, and after reaching the first target, I rushed to the second target at the same speed. more than 40 kilometers of the race, I broke it down into such small targets and ran easily."

  The secret of Hongyi Yamada's success lies in dividing the final goal into several small goals, and completing each of them with the most full of passion and motivation to achieve the final victory.

  Direction is more important than effort

  Your God is your divine goal, and only He leads you to the temple of success for an appointment with the God of fortune.

  At night, a man was searching around the room for something. A man asked, "What are you looking for?"

  "I have lost a gold coin." He replied.

  "Did you drop it in the middle of the room, or by the wall?" A second man asked.

  "Neither. I dropped it on the grass outside the room." He answered again.

  "Then why didn't you go outside to look for it?"

  "Because there is no light there."

  You must think this man is ridiculous. However, some of us look for what they want in the wrong places every day.

  A miner who wants to find gold, if he thinks it is easier to dig on the beach, so he will look for gold there, then he will find only a pile of sand and dirt, definitely not gold; a person who digs a well, if he digs for a long time and does not see water, then turn a corner, maybe he can see the water.

  So do not give all your energy in unnecessary places, if you want to gain something, you must choose the right target.

  Whenever a warlord executed a prisoner, he gave the prisoner a choice: one shot or the choice of going through a black hole in the wall with an unknown fate. All the prisoners preferred to be shot dead rather than enter the black hole, which had no idea what was inside.

  One day, after a good drink, the warlord looked very happy. The next man boldly asked him, "Marshal, can you tell us what will happen if we go through this black hole?"

  "Nothing! In fact, those who walk into the black hole can escape smoothly after a day or two of groping, people are just afraid to face the unknowable future." The warlord replied.

  It seems that not seeing the goal is worse than death. Many people see other people's success as luck, attribute their failure to bad fate, give up trying, and leave their fate to heaven. They do not know the great mystery that your God is your divine goal, and only He leads you to the temple of success for an appointment with the God of luck.

  The door to success is not to lower the standards

  To find true success, it's better to jump the door that doesn't lower the height!

  The carp want to jump over the Dragon Gate. Because, by jumping over the dragon gate, they will turn from ordinary fish to superb dragons.

  However, the dragon gate is too high, they are exhausted, bruised and battered, but none of them can jump over. They asked the dragon king together, let the dragon king to lower the dragon door some. The dragon king refused, the carp kneeled in front of the dragon king and did not get up. They kneeled for 91 days, the dragon king was finally moved to agree to their request. One by one, the carp easily jumped over the dragon gate and happily turned into dragons.

  Soon, the carp who had become dragons found that everyone had become dragons, and everyone was not dragons when it seemed to be no different. So they found the dragon king again together and told him what they had in mind.

  The dragon king laughed and said, "The real dragon gate cannot be lowered. If you want to find the feeling of a real dragon, you'd better go and jump the dragon gate that doesn't lower the height!"

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