Putting it into action-woodmam

Live on this precious earth

  The sun is strong

  The water waves are gentle

  Layers of white clouds cover


  Lying on the green grass

  Feeling that I am completely clean black land

  Living in this precious earth

  High splash of mud

  Hitting my cheeks

  Living on this precious earth

  Humans are as happy as plants

  Love is as happy as rain

  Haizi, the genius poet died in 1989. When he put his noble head on the railroad track, he must have been disappointed with reality, but he did not say a word of curse, he only left an infinite love for life. Although, he finally chose to give up his life, the beautiful poem he left behind tells us that there is a bright heaven.

  This is the faith of life, this is the light in tragedy, no matter how much suffering and aggravation we have suffered in this life, we are still grateful because we have lived, we live on this precious earth.

  Putting it into action

  Success is not a matter of waiting. If I hesitate, it will fall into the arms of others and abandon me forever.

  My illusions are worthless, my plans are as small as dust, my goals are impossible to reach.

  Everything is meaningless - unless we take action.

  And I'm doing it now.

  A map, no matter how detailed, no matter how accurately scaled, can never take its owner half a step on the ground. The laws of a nation, no matter how just, can never prevent evil from occurring. No treasure book, even the parchment scroll in my hands, can ever create wealth. Only action can make maps, laws, treasures, dreams, plans, and goals relevant. Action, like food and water, nourishes me and makes me successful.

  I put it into action now.

  Procrastination has kept me from moving forward, it comes from fear of clubbing. Now I know this secret from the depths of all brave hearts. I know that to overcome fear, I must act without hesitation, and only then will the panic in my heart be calmed. Now I know that action will slow down the fear like a lion to the calm of an ant.

  I will act now.

  From now on I will remember the inspiration of the firefly: only when the wings are lifted can the light shine. I will be a firefly, and I will shine even in the bright sunny day. Let others, like butterflies, dance their wings and live on the charity of flowers; I will be a firefly and illuminate the earth.

  I will put it into action now.

  I will not leave today for tomorrow, for I know that tomorrow will never come. I will act now! Even if my action will not bring happiness and success, it is better to move and fail than to sit and wait for death. Action may not bear the fruit of joy, but without action, all fruit cannot be harvested.

  I will take action now.

  Act now! Act now! Do it now! From now on, I will repeat this phrase over and over again, every moment; until it becomes a habit, like breathing, and an instinct, like blinking. With this phrase, I will be able to align myself to meet every challenge that losers avoid.

  I put it into action right now.

  Now is all I have. Tomorrow is a working day reserved for the lazy, and I am not lazy; tomorrow is a day to abandon evil for good, and I am not evil; tomorrow is a day for the weak to become strong, and I am not weak; tomorrow is a day for losers to excuse success, and I am not a loser. I put it into action now.

  I desire success, happiness, and peace of mind. Unless I act, I will die in failure, misfortune, and sleepless nights.

  Success is not waiting. If I hesitate, she will fall into the arms of others and abandon me forever.

  At this time. This place. This person. I put it into action now.

  Boiling water and core strengths

  A person to establish "core strengths", first of all, to position themselves to see what they have in the end.

  Two days ago, I talked to a leader, the leader said that too many people are not able to boil a pot of water, many people are boiling to 60 degrees Celsius and let go. There are many people this pot of water did not boil, and run to boil another pot. These people would have been very talented and could have done something. Life is short, it is sad to see a person who eventually did not put a pot of water to boil.

  Suddenly I remembered what Professor Gao said during my interview with Gao Xijun. When Professor Gao talked about several basic economic concepts that a modern person should have, he talked about "core strengths". The so-called "core advantage" is what a person's real advantage is when compared with others. The next question is, can he focus all his resources on this advantage? This concept of Professor Gao and the saying "boil a pot of water" can be referred to and promoted by each other.

  To establish one's "core strengths", there are about four questions. One is whether a pot of water is worth burning, the second is which pot should be burned, the third is how to burn, and the fourth is how to do after boiling.

  On the first issue, there is a deep-rooted prejudice in society, is the so-called "cold". University entrance exams, the popular professions apply for a lot of people. Work, the industry is always popular. In fact, the popular and cold is interchangeable. Society is only not boiling water, no water not worth boiling.

  There is a saying: seventy-two lines, the line out of the top. The so-called top performers are nothing but boiled water. Mr. Hu Tingwu has an article saying that he met a hairdresser in the deep mountains, and this master not only could know exactly where the customer's head itched, but also his razor wandered around his face as if it were a spring breeze. Such skills are impossible to be cold.

  Secondly, a person to establish a "core strengths", first of all, to position themselves to see what they have in the end, to see what potential they have, or at least should see what their interests. It is often the case that a person who is too good always thinks that every pot of water is worth boiling and that every pot may boil. However, the key point of "core strengths" is to tell us that there can only be one advantage, and more "core strengths" will reduce the advantage. There is a proverb that says, "Don't chase two rabbits at the same time.

  Wu Qingyuan, a Go master, once wrote a banner to Nie Weiping saying "Don't chase two rabbits", euphemistically criticizing him for distracting his energy.

  After the positioning is clear, you have to keep boiling water until it boils. If the water does not boil, there is a core, but no advantage.

  The process of boiling water is probably the most difficult, because we will inevitably have the weakness of seeing things differently, we will inevitably doubt and even waver, and have deep doubts about whether the water can be boiled, and finally we even think that maybe the pot of water is not worth boiling at all ...... a person who can boil water must have gone through loneliness, hardship and frustration ...... especially the difficulty of boiling to 60 ℃ after, often causing countless people to come back to the fold. In fact, anyone in the initial stage there is any big difference? The so-called successful people, nothing more than a pot of water boiled.

  The water is both boiled and prevented from becoming cold again. To keep the water at the boiling point is definitely not an easy task, even more than boiling. People who have achieved "core strengths", society will give him special honors, and then also require him to have more social activities; so the "core" is not core, the strengths are not superior. Wise people are often alerted to this in time.

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