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I moved to California with the intention of breaking into the music scene and putting out my own records, but it didn't take long for me to experience the harshness of reality. I had to take a job selling health club memberships to support myself. When the economy tanked, I was broke and had no one to turn to. Then I met Tom Murphy, who was one of the shareholders of the health club.

  My father always told me that if I wanted to get rich, I had to do what rich people do, so I invited Mr. Murphy for coffee and a chat to hear the secret of his success. It turned out that he was actually a partner of Tom Hopkins, one of the nation's top businessman trainers. So, of course, he suggested that I take a train-the-trainer course, read books that would help me grow as a business person, and listen to business tapes. He also introduced me to many successful business people and their publishing experiences. I was so eager to succeed that it didn't take long for me to become one of the top salesmen in the country. But that wasn't good enough. I scrimped and saved, then invested the money in my own health club, and by the time I closed, I had nine of the best performing health clubs and sports medicine facilities in the country, but I hadn't yet reached my goal of recording my own record.

  Recording my first demo tape was exciting, but also very discouraging, as I tried record label after record label and was rejected every time. Undeterred, I recorded more songs in Spanish and sent them to the same labels, with the same results. When I was about to give up, I called my father and discussed with him what the problem was. He said, "Omar, you're making a lot of money, aren't you?" I answered yes. "Then why don't you buy a record company and make your own records!"

  When I went back to the record company I was going to buy, I was still trying to save face, so I begged the executives at the record company to take my music and help me put out a record. They said, "Omar, there's nothing we can do. Try Broadway! You'll do great there." You should have seen the look on their faces when I told them I was going to be the new boss.

  Then I paid for the company and made my first record in Spanish. From that record, I was named "Best Latin Male Vocalist" and "Best Entertainer" in 1986.

  Today, I am enjoying the fulfillment of public speaking and training students at Tom Hopkins International. I now enjoy helping others learn how to find the right opportunities to reach their career goals. Take me for example! My father was right when he said that if you set your mind to something, you can do anything you want to do and reach your goals in life.

  Mark Twain teaches you about job hunting

  Some people miss the stars and miss the moon. In the face of fleeting opportunities, creativity is crucial to whether a job search can succeed.

  A young man came to the western United States after graduating from school, he wanted to be a journalist, but he was unfamiliar with the place, and never found a suitable job. Then he remembered the great writer Mark Twain. The young man wrote a letter to him, hoping to get his help.

  After receiving the letter, Mark Twain wrote back to the young man, saying, "If you can follow my approach, you can certainly seek a place." Mark Twain also asked the young man which newspaper he would like to work for.

  The young man was very happy to read it and wrote back immediately, so Mark Twain told him again, "You can go to this newspaper first and tell them I don't need a salary right now, but just want to find a job to kill my boredom, and I'll do a good job at the paper. In general, the newspaper will not reject a job applicant who does not want a salary, you have to work hard after you get the job. Show them the news you've written and publish it, so that your name and performance will slowly become known to others, and "if you are excellent, then someone in the community will hire you. Then you can go to the supervisor and say to him, "If the newspaper can pay me the same, then I would like to stay here." For the newspaper, they are not going to give up easily on a staff member who has experience and knows the business of the unit. "

  The young man listened with some skepticism, but did as Mark Twain had done. Within a few months, he received an offer of employment from another newspaper. And when this newspaper knew about it, it was willing to pay a much higher salary to retain him.

  The young man in the story listened to the advice to choose a unique job search path, the job search as a means to improve their talents, build up their strength, and become passive to take the initiative. In today's fierce competition for jobs, this approach is worth a try.

  This story gives us an inspiration: in the job search, many people want to "step in place", but in fact it is very difficult to do.

  Some people miss the stars, and miss the moon. In the face of fleeting opportunities, creativity is crucial to the success of the job search.

  For job seekers, the opportunity is equal. However, the path to success is not likely to be the same.

  Panasonic's eye view

  More often than not, we do not go well on the road of life, not because the road is too narrow, but because our vision is too narrow.

  In life, we keep walking on a road, always feel that we have taken the road to the end, and then can not come out of a brand new world, and then will not have greater achievements.

  In 1956, Matsushita Electric set up a joint venture with Osaka Manufacturing Company, a Japanese manufacturer of electrical products, to manufacture electric fans. At that time, Konosuke Matsushita appointed Chiaki Nishida of Matsushita Electric as the general manager and himself as an advisor.

  The predecessor of this company, which specialized in electric fans, later developed residential exhaust fans. But even so, the product still seemed very single. Chiaki Nishida was ready to develop a new product and tried to ask Matsushita's opinion. Matsushita said to him, "Just do the wind business."

  At that time, Matsushita's idea was to make the affiliated companies of Matsushita Electric as specialized as possible in order to make a breakthrough. But Matsushita Electric was already doing quite well in the manufacture of electric fans, and had quite enough room to develop new areas. Nevertheless, Nishida received a negative answer from Matsushita.

  However, Nishida was not discouraged by Matsushita's answer. His mind was extremely nimble and alert, and he stared at Matsushita and asked, "Can you do anything as long as it has to do with wind?"

  Matsushita did not think carefully about what this really meant, but what Nishida was asking matched his own instructions, so he replied, "Of course."

  Four or five years later, Matsushita visited the factory again and saw that it was producing ambient fans, so he asked Nishida, "Is this an electric fan?"

  Nishida said, "No. But it has something to do with wind. Electric fans are cold air, this is warm air, and you said you wanted us to be in the wind business. Isn't this?"

  Later, the wind family of Matsushita Seiko, which Chiaki Nishida has been running single-handedly, has become very rich. In addition to electric fans, exhaust fans, heaters and blowers, there are also ventilation fans for frost prevention in orchards and tea beds, temperature-regulating ventilation fans for cultivating shiitake mushrooms, and ventilation and temperature-regulating systems for sheds in poultry farming ......

  Chiaki Nishida has created one glory after another for Panasonic by doing only the business of wind.

  In life, we keep walking on a road, always feel that they have taken the road, and then can not come out of a brand new world, and then will not have greater achievements. In fact, next to the road is also the road. If we always follow the same old road, there will be times when we get bored, bored and bored out of our minds. Nishida Chiaki tried to take a few steps to the side and found countless roads, and each one was a brand new road, which eventually led him to success.

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