Knowing the right amount of moderation-woodmam

It is only when you know how to exercise moderation that you can make good choices. As the saying goes, "A little intolerance makes a big difference". We must learn to discipline ourselves and look at ourselves from time to time, so that we do not let some bad habits affect our lives.

  Everyone's life needs to be run carefully, not scribbled down or greedily. When Jesus admonished Martha, he said, "Martha, Martha, the heart is just a little ......" Yes, I think the human mind is necessarily limited and can hold just a little.

  We should learn from the wise ruler, Duke Qi Jing, who was able to grasp the measure of moderation, to live without bias, to live just right.

  Between sorrow and fortune

  The greatest sorrow in the world is that it is hard to think about what you already have, but you can't forget what you have lost.

  In a major earthquake, the Liu brothers survived death, both dug out of the rubble. The government helped them build a new house and put food on the table. The brother could not forget what he had lost and spent his days talking about his dead wife, children, pigs and chickens. The younger brother not only lost his wife, daughter and all his money, but he also lost his left leg. But he always thought, "I am lucky to be alive, I don't have to worry about food or water, thanks to the government for building me a new house, thanks to God for leaving me a leg and a pair of intact hands, I can cook for myself, dress myself and help others.

  My brother often put aside the things he had gained, but he always thought about the things he had lost and was in a state of depression and pain all day.

  My brother was able to value what he had and learned to enjoy the happiness he had sought with his heart. Although he had lost his leg, he could repair shoes. When he saw people wearing his repaired shoes and giving him a satisfied look, he could not help but say to himself, "It's good to be alive!"

  The two brothers had the same fate and were equally fortunate to be saved and lead similar lives. While the younger brother always felt happy to be alive, the older brother could not stop thinking about what he had lost and found it hard to think about what he had. The younger brother does not think about what he has lost, but often remembers what he has now. The person who enjoys life is not in the amount of wealth he has, the size of his house, his salary, his position, or all his successes or failures, but in being able to count them. "Don't count what you have lost, count what you have left". This very simple counting method is a kind of wisdom to enjoy life.

  In the mountains of southern Ningxia, there is a farmer who has not yet escaped from poverty. He lives in a dark kiln all year round, eats corn and potatoes every day, and the most valuable thing in his house is a cupboard for flour. He sings a mountain song in the morning and walks home at sunset. No one could understand why he was happy all day long. He said, "I have water to drink when I am thirsty, food to eat when I am hungry, no electric fan in the kiln in summer, and a hot bed in winter is better than a heater.

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