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"Well then, I'm going to teach you how to be a farmer." The father became even more furious, "Tomorrow morning you go with me to Penney's Ferry and help me collect thatch."

  The next morning, the father and son set out together and worked all day along the creek, getting covered in mud.

  Adams returned home exhausted and his enthusiasm for being a farmer was sharply diminished.

  His father asked Adams, "Are you satisfied with being a farmer?" He thought that his child's education had paid off.

  The child surprised him with his answer, "I like it very much, sir."

  Adams' stubborn character defended his noble pride, but from then on he really began to read seriously.

  Shaping others to accept you

  Not paying attention to or even presenting your image incorrectly can cost you a promotion. So, pay special attention to your image and don't miss even the details.

  Bill is the chief financial officer (CFO) of a subsidiary of Philip Inglis in California. With an MBA from Columbia University, Bill is undoubtedly a qualified candidate to be the CFO of any company. Because this subsidiary did not fit well with the overall direction of Philip Morris' operations, it was sold out of the company and Bill was replaced by the CFO of another company that had acquired the company. In other words, Bill lost his job.

  Bill came to Covey and asked him for advice on how he could do better in his job search. Covey told him, "Bill, you have to shave off your beard if you want to improve your image as CFO in front of others. Like it or not, the preference of the person in charge of finance who will be interviewing you is generally conservative."

  Bill immediately dismissed Covey's point, saying, "If they can't accept my costume, it will be a big loss for them."

  Although Covey understood Bill's words very well and tried to convince him that he could grow his beard back after he got the position he wanted, he continued to ignore them and did not take the image side of body language seriously.

  A year later, Bill was still looking for a job, and in fact, up to that point, no company had been willing to hire him. Fortunately, he had saved enough money to be able to buy a small business. He could keep his beard and run the company in a way that he felt more appropriate and comfortable.

  Know your goals

  In life and work, it is essential to be clear about your goals and direction. Only after knowing what your goals are and what you really want to do, you will be able to achieve your goals and your dreams will become reality.

  There was a 25 year old guy who came to Covey for advice because he was not satisfied with his job. His goal in life for himself was to find a job that he was happy with and improve his life situation. His motivation in life did not seem to be all out of selfishness and was completely worthwhile.

  "So, what exactly do you want to do?" Covey asked.

  "I can't really say," the young man said hesitantly, "I've never thought about it. All I know is that my goal is not what it is now."

  "So what are your hobbies and specialties?" Covey then asked, "What's the most important thing to you?"

  "I don't know," the young man replied, "It's something I've never given much thought to."

  "If you had to choose, what would you like to do? What would you really like to do?" Covey pursued the subject.

  "I really can't say," said the young man, confused, "I really don't know what I really like, I've never thought about it very carefully, and I guess I really should think about it."

  "Well, look here," said Covey, "you want to get out of where you are now and go somewhere else. But you don't know where you want to go. You don't know what you like to do, and you don't know what you can really do. If you really want to do something, then, right now, you have to make up your mind."

  Covey and the young man went through a thorough analysis together. Covey tested the young man's abilities, and he found that the young man did not know much about the talents he possessed. Knowing that motivation is indispensable for every person to move forward, Covey taught the young man the skill of developing confidence.

  Now, the young man had set out on his journey to success with confidence.

  Now he knows exactly what he wants to do and what he should do. He knows how to get twice the results with half the effort, he expects to reap the rewards, and he is sure to succeed - because no difficulty can stand in his way.

  The highest requirement for taking control of the situation

  If you know how to control your mind and behavior, you can do anything. If you know how to fight for it, you are bound to get what you want. We all encounter the same challenges in life, but they will be different for each of us, depending on how we face them.

  One evening, after the seminar, Robin was walking alone in Boston's Copley Square, late at night. The square was surrounded by the various buildings that have been built since the founding of the United States, and he couldn't help but look at them. Just then, Robin glimpsed a man staggering toward him. He seemed to have been on the streets for many days and smelled of alcohol.

  Robin guessed that he would come over and beg for a few dollars. As expected, he greeted Robin and said, "Sir, can you give me a dollar?"

  At first Robin was a little hesitant, but then he was moved to compassion. A dollar is really insignificant, but Robin felt that he could at least give him a point of reference, and said, "A dollar? Is that all you need, one dollar?"

  He was too busy to say, "Just one dollar."

  Robin reached into his trouser pocket and pulled out a dollar to him, while saying, "How much you can get in life depends on how much you ask."

  The beggar listened to a freeze, and then hobbled away.

  Looking at his walking away from the back, Robin very emotional: why the success of people and failure of people have such a huge difference? He and I are both human, why my life is full of joy, everything is so smooth; while he, an old man over 60, but have to sleep on the streets, begging for a living? The answer lies in the fact that life gives you everything you ask for.

  If you only want a dollar, you will only get a dollar, but if you want a life full of joy and success, you will get the same.

  The old watchmaker's revelation

  There is a market for what is useful. You can only realize your value if you are grounded in life.

  Instead of pursuing flashy things, you should do something practical with your feet on the ground. In the workplace, the first thing you should do is to do your job well.

  Once upon a time, there was a very talented young poet in Germany who wrote many poems about the scenery and lyricism. But he was very distressed, because people did not like to read his poems. What was this all about? Could it be that his poems were not well written? This is impossible! The young poet had never doubted his own talent in this area, so he went to his father's friend, an old watchmaker, for advice.

  Without saying a word, the old watchmaker led him to a small room where there were all kinds of expensive clocks and watches. These clocks, the poet had never seen before. Some were shaped like birds and beasts, some made bird sounds, and some could play beautiful music ......

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