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One year later, Bob saw Alec again. Unexpectedly, Alec was a different person.

  He had applied for a scholarship to the best conservatory, but dropped out after only 8 months. The main reason for his decision was that he was playing in front of different audiences and receiving all kinds of criticism - some very fair, some malicious - which he could not bear, and he never recovered.

  When Bob saw him again, he hadn't touched his beloved piano for a whole month! He was deeply depressed, and his parents were very worried.

  No matter how much Bob tried to persuade him, he couldn't get Alec to let go. The unnecessary criticism pierced his heart like a sword. He was psychologically unable to face the malicious criticism and lost the courage to pursue his dream.

  He decided to become a teacher instead and go back to college to get a degree in education, but no matter how much his friends and family tried to persuade him, he wouldn't even "teach" music.

  Bob felt sorry for his classmate: he was so talented, yet some negative criticism hindered his development in music, cutting off the opportunity to pursue artistic perfection.

  Not giving up on choices in failure

  Mistakes can be fatal. Mistakes can have serious consequences, often not in the mistake itself, but in the attitude of the person who made them.

  A wise person learns from his or her failures. Failures are repeated failures from which no experience can be gained. Those who can learn from failure can build stronger self-confidence. Face your mistakes head-on, correct them positively, and keep trying, and you may achieve success.

  "I've been here for 30 years," one employee complained about his lack of promotion, "and I have 20 years more experience than many of the people you've promoted."

  "No," said the boss, "you have only one year of experience, you have learned nothing from your mistakes, and you are still making the same mistakes you made when you first started your job in your first year."

  What a sad story! You should learn something from even the smallest mistakes.

  "We've wasted too much time," a young assistant said to Edison, "We've tried 20,000 times and still haven't found the substance to make an incandescent filament!"

  "No!" the genius replied, "but we know of 20,000 things that can't be incandescent filaments."

  This spirit led Edison to finally find tungsten filament, inventing the electric lamp and changing history.

  The famous American Diamond World Corporation was originally established to engage in diamond mining, but because the company's geological prospectors made a mistake, they ended up not finding diamonds but discovering one of the world's largest nickel mines.

  The company's decision makers promptly redirected the business and as a result, the company's stock price skyrocketed. Today, although the company still carries its former name, its real business is the manufacture of nickel coins.

  Levi-Strauss initially wanted to make a fortune in California by mining gold. However, he found that this business did not seem to suit him. He eventually had to give up gold mining and instead started sewing pants for miners out of canvas. If he hadn't made this big decision, we wouldn't be hearing the name "Levi's" jeans in almost every corner of the world today.

  Taking the first step into action

  By taking the first step, he could have easily gotten what he wanted.

  This story is not very surprising. It is quite common for a family to buy two rooms, rent one and live in the other. What is surprising is that a man with no experience, no background, not even money for capital, could easily get what he wanted by following some advice from a guru and then putting it into action - by taking the first step.

  One evening four months ago, success guru Kliman Stone visited Frank and Claudia in Mexico City.

  Claudia talked about, "I'm looking forward to us having a house in the Gardin District (the Gardin District is the most desirable part of Mexico City)."

  Stone asked, "Why don't you have one yet?"

  Frank cried and replied, "We don't have the money."

  Stone said, "What does it matter if you know what you want and are poor?"

  Frank didn't answer.

  Stone asked another question, "By the way, have you ever read an inspiring and motivational book, such as Think Rich, The Power of Positive Thinking, Your Potential, The Magic of Faith, etc.?"

  They answered, "No."

  So Stone told them about the experiences of some successful people: these people knew what they wanted, read some inspirational books, listened to the advice in the books, and then took action. After taking the first step, they continued to work hard and eventually got what they were after.

  Stone also told the Franks about his own terms a few years ago: the purchase of a new $1.2 million house with a $1,500 installment and how it was paid off on time. Stone gave them a copy of the book he had recommended.

  Frank and Claudia made up their minds.

  In December of that year, while Stone was resting at home, he received a phone call from Claudia. She said, "We just arrived in the United States from Mexico City, and the first thing Frank and I want to do is thank you."

  Stone was taken aback: "Thank me. For what?"

  "We thanked you because we bought a new house in the Gardin district."

  A few days later, while taking Stone to dinner, Claudia explained, "One Saturday evening, Frank and I were resting at home when some friends from America called and asked us to take them to the Gardin district by car. It so happened that we were all rather tired at that time. Frank was about to refuse when the words from the book flashed into his mind: 'Take the first step.' So we decided to send them there by car. As we drove them by car through this man-made paradise, we saw the house of our dreams - and even the swimming pool we had longed for. We bought it."

  Frank said, "You may be wondering: although this property is worth more than half a million pesos and we have only 5,000 pesos in savings, the cost of living in our new home in the Gardin District is a little less than the cost of living in our old one."

  "Why is that?"

  "Because we bought two sets of rooms and they are equivalent to a house in terms of property. We rented one of them out, and the rent on that room was enough to pay off the installments on the entire property."

  Be bold and start from the ground up

  Working with your feet on the ground is a must to get ahead.

  As the saying goes, "One step back and the sky is wide open." When young people first enter society, they should have the intention to start from the grassroots.

  Viscaya is the most famous machinery manufacturing company in the United States in the 1980s, its products are sold around the world, and represents the highest level of heavy machinery manufacturing today. Many people after graduation to the company's job rejected, the reason is simple, the company's senior technical staff is full, no longer need a variety of highly skilled personnel. But the coveted package and the pride and bragging rights of the position still shine with an alluring aura to those aspiring candidates.

  James, a senior mechanical manufacturing student at a leading university, had his application rejected at the company's annual hiring test, as was the fate of many others. In fact, by this time, the hiring test session was already in vain. But James wasn't dead set on getting into Vizcaya Heavy Machinery, he vowed to get in. So he adopted a special strategy

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