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This "thinking method" is actually a self-confidence.

  The confidence to succeed

  "One of the best ways to build your confidence is to receive it from others."

  Every day, many young people around the world start new jobs, "hoping" to rise to the top and enjoy the fruits of success that come with it.

  But most of them don't have the necessary confidence and determination, so they don't reach the top.

  But there are a few who, like Girard, really believe they will make it someday. They carry out their work with a positive attitude of "I'm going to get to the top" (which is not impossible). These young people studied the actions of senior managers, learned how those who succeeded analyzed problems and made decisions, and watched how they coped with advances and retreats.

  Finally, with strong confidence, they reached their goal.

  When Girard wanted to enter the sales world, he was extremely frustrated by repeated rejections, and his wife put her arms around him and said, "Joey, we got married with nothing, and soon we had everything. Now we have nothing again, and I had faith in you then, and I still do now, and I have no doubt you will succeed again." It was in that moment that Girard learned an important truth - "One of the best ways to build your confidence is to receive it from others."

  Gillard started building his confidence again when he visited a large car dealership in Detroit and asked for a sales job.

  The sales manager was initially reluctant.

  "Have you ever marketed a car?" The manager asked.


  "Why do you think you can do it?"

  "I've marketed other things - newspapers, shoe polish, houses, food - but what people really buy is me, and I market myself, Mr. Harley."

  By this time, Girard had built up enough confidence.

  The manager smiled and said, "It's a harsh winter, a slow sales season, and if I hired you, I'd be chastised by the other salesmen, and besides there aren't enough heated rooms for you."

  "Mr. Harley, if you don't hire me, you'll be making the biggest mistake of your life. I won't take business from other salesmen's stores, and I don't want a heated room, I just want a desk and a telephone, and within two months I will beat your record as the best salesman, and that's that."

  Mr. Harley finally agreed to Girard's request and gave him a dusty table and a telephone in the corner upstairs.

  And so, Girard began his career as a car salesman. Soon, he was really successful.

  Finding Ways to Get Noticed

  If you do this well, you will gradually become a gem in the eyes of others. Remember, if they don't see you, they won't promote you.

  When you're trying to forge ahead and develop yourself, don't let that happen to you. You may feel that you are busy when your boss is asking you to do things, like that waiter, and you don't have time to pay attention to what is going on around you. Meditate for a while, consider what you are doing and find imaginative ways to get your work done in a very organized way.

  If you do this well, you will gradually become a gem in the eyes of others. Remember, if they don't see you, they won't promote you.

  If you are dining in a restaurant and have something for the waiter, and at this time you want to get the waiter's attention, but you don't have the opportunity, have you ever been in this situation? The waiter brings you a steak, and you realize he forgot the steak sauce.

  You want the wine to come with your food, but the wine doesn't come until you've finished your meal. Maybe you just want to see the bill, but you have to scramble around looking for the waiter. These annoying situations arise when the waiter circles around you, but for some other reason, your request doesn't get his immediate attention. He is not paying attention to his surroundings. He also doesn't want your eyes to meet his in the air, because it only tells him you need more service.

  Many people are as unqualified as this waiter and as indifferent to their surroundings, although their poor performance is not due to their visual impairment. For example, sometimes they refuse to make a statement when their support is needed. Have you ever had a high school teacher or college professor like that? He could answer the questions that no one ever asked. They always tend to provide the information that no one wants, rather than providing the information that we desperately need, and in fact they lack attention to the external situation.

  What is a valuable asset

  Many people have "incense" in their hands, but they do not know how precious it is, but they envy the charcoal in the hands of others, and finally throw away their own treasures.

  There are others who know that success is their great desire, and they have the spirit of not giving up until they succeed, but they see that it is the easiest and the least effort to become a mediocre person, and finally they sell their precious will and become a mediocre person.

  There was an old and rich man who was very worried about the future of his son, whom he had pampered since childhood, and although he had a huge fortune, he was afraid that bequeathing it to his son would bring misfortune instead. So he thought that instead of leaving his property to his son, he should teach him to struggle for himself. He called his son in and told him how he had started with nothing and had worked hard to get to where he was today. The father's story touched the young man, who had never been out of the country before, and inspired him to struggle, so he made a vow: never return home until he found the treasure.

  The young man built a large, sturdy boat and set sail amidst friends and family. He sailed through treacherous winds and waves, passed countless islands, and finally found a tree in the tropical rainforest that was more than ten meters tall, with only one or two trees in a large rainforest. Cut down this tree after a year to let the outer bark rotten, leaving the heart of the wood sunken black part, will emit an incomparable aroma. When placed in water, it does not float on the surface like other trees, but sinks to the bottom of the water. The youth thought to himself, "This is an incomparable treasure!

  The young man took the incomparable scent of the tree to the market, but no one came to buy his tree, which made him very annoyed. The charcoal was being sold at the stall next to his, and the vendor always sold out of charcoal very quickly. At first the youth was unmoved, but as the days passed, his confidence finally wavered and he thought, "If charcoal sells so well, why don't I turn the aromatic trees into charcoal and sell it?"

  The next day he did burn the incense wood into charcoal and took it to the market, where it was sold out in a short time. The young man was so happy that he had changed his mind that he went home and told his old father. However, when his father heard this, he could not help but shed tears.

  It turned out that the incense wood that the young man burned into charcoal was the most precious wood in the world, "incense", and if you cut off a small piece and grind it into powder, the value would exceed that of a truckload of charcoal.

  Rely on your strengths

  "The loss of a leg taught me that one can be limited by one's own defects, depending on how you see and deal with them. It's important to pay attention to the strengths you have, rather than thinking about your flaws all the time."

  Franck stared at a Christmas tree in his boring hospital room. A loose fragment from a grenade had blown into his left calf, and the doctors decided to remove his injured leg.

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