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Choose a good way forward

  A man who can see his way is like a ship on the sea, not lost in the wind.

  Life is a fire, and the only thing we can do is to salvage a little more from it.

  The famous impressionist Gauguin had a very classic quote, "Where do we come from and where are we going?"

  He posed the confusion that accompanies us throughout our lives. On our journey through life, we encounter many dilemmas. Choosing means giving up one or the other, but sometimes it is not as simple as choosing between a watermelon and a sesame seed, it can be two beautiful flowers or two flourishing trees, making it difficult to leave both behind.

  What do you do then? The key, in fact, is to see where we are going. Finding the right direction is a start to success, and a good start is half the battle.

  Bill Gates is a business miracle worker, a teenage idol, and a man who knows how to choose his direction.

  Let's take a look at the legendary story of this digital hero.

  In his secondary school days, Bill Gates was a child who was one step ahead of his peers in everything he did. While his teacher assigned him to write an essay of a thousand words, Bill Gates wrote a dozen chapters in one sitting.

  The most important choice he made was to drop out of school. Harvard University was the dream of many people, but Bill Gates decided to drop out in his junior year. This is not the kind of determination and courage that ordinary people have, and only with such determination and courage can one become an extraordinary person!

  At just twenty years of age, Bill Gates was very interested in computers and was convinced that one day computers would be like television in every home. He was so determined that he impressed not only himself, but also his friends and parents.

  Imagine if Bill Gates had remained at Harvard, studying the same old stuff in textbooks, would he have been able to revolutionise the computer world? Maybe he would have been a white-collar worker, but not a world-changing figure.

  He once said something stirring: "Life is a fire, and the only thing each of us can do is to salvage a little more from that fire."

  With this belief that life is as short as a flowering fire, he made a timely choice. It reminds me of a saying by Eileen Chang: "Be famous before it's too late."

  This all tells us that when making a choice, it must be made in the moment.

  A person who can see the direction clearly is like a ship travelling on the sea and will not get lost in the wind.

  There was a young man who wanted very much to be better than those around him in everything, and especially to be a great scholar. But many years passed, and he was good in all other respects, but he had not made much progress in his studies. He was so distressed that he went to a guru for advice. After hearing his confession, the guru said, "Let's climb a mountain, and when we get to the top you will know what to do."

  That mountain had many small crystalline stones that were fascinating. Whenever he saw a stone he liked, the Master told the young man to put it in a bag and carry it on his back. Soon he couldn't take any more. Looking at the top of the mountain, it was still out of reach. So he stopped and looked at the master in confusion and said, "Master, why am I carrying this? If I carry it any further, I'm afraid I won't be able to move, let alone reach the summit." "Yes, what should I do then?" The Master smiled slightly, "Why don't you put it down? How can you climb a mountain with a stone on your back?" The guru stroked his beard with a bright face.

  The young man was stunned, thanked the master cheerfully and went away. From then on, he concentrated on his studies and made rapid progress ......

  A man's energy is limited, and it is impossible to do everything. Those who want to get everything may end up getting nothing at all. This young man actually wanted to become a great scholar, but he could not get rid of his strong mentality, so he worked on other things as well. How can he really achieve his dream when he is multi-tasking in this way?

  So, we have to look at the direction and recognise it. If we choose a good path, we will be in a completely different situation in life.

  Choose calmly

  Use your wisdom judiciously, make the best judgement and choose the right direction that belongs to you.

  Sometimes we can get more if we give up some of our stubbornness, restrictions or even interests.

  Most people give up opportunities themselves while blaming them for not coming to them.

  One day they found two large bales of cotton in the mountains. They were overjoyed to find that the price of cotton was several times higher than the price of firewood, and that selling these two bales of cotton would feed and clothe their families for a month. They each took a bale of cotton on their backs and tried to make their way home.

  As they walked, one of the woodcutters saw a large bundle of cloth on the path and looked closer: it was fine linen of the highest quality, more than ten in number. He was so pleased that he discussed with his companion the possibility of dropping the cotton on his shoulders and carrying the linen home instead.

  His companion thought differently, believing that he had already travelled a long way with the cotton on his back, and that it would be a waste of his previous efforts to leave it here, and insisted that he would not exchange it for linen. The woodcutter who had found the linen earlier repeatedly tried to persuade his companion not to listen, so he had to carry the linen as far as he could and continue on his way.

  After walking a little further, the woodcutter with the linen looked into the forest and saw a glittering light. His companion still had the same idea of not leaving the cotton behind to avoid wasting his efforts, and suspected that the gold was not real, and advised him not to waste his efforts, lest he end up with nothing.

  The woodcutter who found the gold had to pick up two jars of gold himself and hurry home with his partner who was carrying the cotton. When they reached the bottom of the hill, a heavy rain fell for no apparent reason and the two men were soaked to the skin in the open. The woodcutter had no choice but to leave the cotton he had worked so hard for, and went home empty-handed with his gold-carrying companion.

  When faced with an opportunity, people often choose in many different ways. Some simply accept it; others are sceptical and stand by and watch; others are as stubborn as a mule and refuse to accept any new change. And different choices, of course, lead to very different results. Many opportunities for success may not be obvious to everyone at first, and the right choice at the beginning often determines the difference between success and failure.

  There is a story about a stormy night when you are driving past a bus stop where three people are waiting for a bus - an old woman who is dying of illness, a doctor who once saved your life and the girl you have long dreamed of. If you could only take one of the passengers with you, which one would you choose?

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