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There is no free dinner in the world, happiness has to be created by your own hands.

  A long, long time ago, in a small village in Norway there was a young man, he was in his prime, but all day long he was sad and felt that he was the most unhappy person in the world. He prayed to heaven for guidance so that he could find happiness. His piety moved the heavens to send him an angel.

  The angel took the young man to a ravine and told him, "This is the ravine of happiness and heaven on earth".

  It was summer, the most beautiful season of the year in the Nordic countries. The canyon was full of jungle, wild flowers were in bloom, returning migratory birds were flying under the endless clear sky, and the stream was singing a happy song and flowing down the mountain. The youth's heart opened up and he was enchanted by the scenery of the canyon. Before he could express his gratitude, the angel said, "Each person can only come twice in his life, so cherish your chance!" After saying that, the angel disappeared. At twilight, the youth left the canyon reluctantly.

  From then on, the youth's attitude toward life had changed greatly, because he knew where the Happy Canyon was and where he could find the direction of happiness. He also kept the angel's admonition in mind and did not want to take his chances lightly. He was determined to do his best to try to solve the problem and not go to the canyon until he had to. Strangely enough, with his efforts, the problems were solved.

  By the time he reached old age, he was a famous and successful man. At the end of his life, he returned to Happy Canyon alone.

  He knelt down in the canyon and prayed, grateful to God for loving him and granting him unlimited happiness. At that moment, an angel appeared in front of him and told him that happiness depended on his own hands and that heaven would only help those who had the will.

  He didn't believe it and said, "But isn't this the canyon of happiness where there is magic?"

  The angel laughed and asked in return, "Do you really think this is any different from other canyons?"

  The young man froze, seemingly looking at the canyon in front of him for the first time, and it took a long time before it dawned on him.

  The vastness of the farmland

  "If, in the pursuit of desire, one's nature does not improve, then moving forward is exactly moving backward; on the other hand, if one's heart awakens in the face of failure and frustration, then moving backward is exactly moving forward.

  When I drove from Yingge to the forest, I passed by a place called "Kankan Garden" and saw some farmers planting rice seedlings. It had been too long since I had seen farmers planting rice seedlings, and because of the brightness of spring and the vastness of the land, I was moved by the silent image and could not help but get out of the car.

  The farmers were bending down in the same position as the full rice ears, inserting the seedlings into the paddy field step by step, and backing up carefully and respectfully. Whenever I see farmers working intently in the fields, I am moved by the beauty of the labor. Most of the work in this world is forward, but rice planting is backward, and only by planting rice backward can a straight paddy be planted; that bending backward always reminds me of the time when I worked in the field with my father, and I feel grateful and respectful.

  Standing at the edge of the field, facing the newly laid green seedlings, I breathed deeply and felt that spring had really come, and the air was filled with various smoky aromas. The fields that had just received continuous spring rains not only had a misty beauty, but also made the land wet and soft, making planting easier. Spring is so beautiful, and so is the spring rain! Looking at the farmer's figure, I remembered a Zen poem.

  "The field is full of green rice seedlings.

  When I look down, I see the sky in the water.

  The six pure roots are the path.

  The six pure roots are the path, and the step backward is the step forward.

  This is a poem that symbolizes the planting of rice seedlings in the field of the heart by the planting of rice seedlings in life. The meaning is that only those who plant rice seedlings in the field of the heart can see the vast blue sky from the water in the heart, and only the purity of the six roots is the only path for practitioners. If a person standing at the head of a hundred-foot pole wants to go further, he cannot leap forward, otherwise he will be broken into pieces. Only first slide down from the pole, to climb a hundred and one feet of the pole.

  It is not all bad to take a step backward in life, but it is even better if you take a backward posture when moving forward and move forward in a humble and respectful way. "If, in the pursuit of desire, one's nature does not improve, then moving forward is exactly moving backward; on the contrary, if, in failure and frustration, one's nature awakens, then moving backward is exactly moving forward.

  If a farmer retreats and plants rice seedlings, is he moving forward or retreating? I remember that when I traveled in a Hinayana Buddhist country and entered a Buddhist temple to worship, the deacon of the temple would always teach that one must bend backwards when leaving the main hall to show respect to the Buddha.

  At this moment, looking at the posture of the farmer bending back to plant rice seedlings, I thought of how similar it was to the posture when leaving from the Buddhist temple, as if I could see the presence of Buddha in every seedling from that meticulous backing.

  "Green seedlings are all Dharma bodies". Farmers have been practicing like that for thousands of years with a beautiful and humble posture, and that beautiful posture is transformed into golden rice ears, and that stooping humility is transformed into tired and drooping rice seeds, growing in the land, from nothing to something, creating something out of nothing, isn't that the miracle of Dharma body manifestation? When I left the farmland of the citrus garden, the car passed through the pathway lined with willow trees and seven miles of incense, my body and mind were as clear as a cave stream, as if I had just worshiped Buddha in a Buddhist temple and was bending down to retreat towards the temple gate.

  The blue sky in the air surrounded me together with the blue sky in the water, flying past both cheeks with music.

  A masterpiece of music

  Schubert watched the child running and waving back at himself unceasingly until the child's figure disappeared into the depths of the small street where the night mist was rising.

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