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  The old gardener approached the mulberry tree and looked it up and down with a critical eye. He thought to himself, "This is a useful tree! It produces delicious and juicy fruit, and its branches should not be hurt with a saw blade." He was looking for a tree that did not bear fruit, not much use, suitable for cutting and burning as firewood. The old gardener turned his eyes and saw the weeping willow near him, the same weeping willow that had been gloating and unbeatable! It was time for bad luck to befall him.

  The old gardener did not panic and aimed the teeth of the saw at the willow's branches, giggling and sawing up. The wind was blowing, and the momentum became more intense. The weeping willow trembled, white wood chips with the painful moaning, with the wind fluttering, flying into the distance. In a short time, the roadside was piled with willow branches of varying thickness.

  When seeing something useful suffer and destroyed, never gloat and rejoice too soon. How valuable a tree is, the old gardener's heart is counted.

  Most of the outstanding achievements of the learned men, inevitably, a moment to meet the wall, or attacked by others; on the contrary, those who do not learn, rarely be blamed, but they are at best only worthy of "burning fire for warmth", the remaining ashes can only be thrown into the garbage.

  A chance to choose

  People are not perfect. Before making your own demands, you should know yourself objectively.

  After decades of celibacy, I got tired of it and decided to take a wife. In recent years, I have often seen advertisements of marriage agencies named "Love", which, I am told, have helped many people to solve their lifelong problems.

  The agency is located in the center of town. A young doorman in a light blue uniform greeted me at the door and gave me a deep bow. Behind a short desk sat an elegantly dressed lady who said to me with sophistication: "Now, please go to the next room, where there are many doors, each with information on the person you need for your choice. Your fate, dear sir, is entirely in your own hands."

  I thanked her and walked toward the next room.

  There were two doors in the inner room, the first with the words "lifelong companion" and the other with the words "unchanged till death do us part". I was afraid of the word "death", so I stepped into the first door. Then, I saw two more doors, the right side was written "yellow hair", and the left side was written "black hair". I should admit, I don't know why, I always prefer women with yellowish hair, so I pushed open the door on the right. Once inside, there are two more doors, the left one reads "Beautiful, young girls" and the right one reads "Experienced, mature women and widows". As you can imagine, the door on the left was more appealing to my heart. However, after entering, there are two more doors. They say "slim, standard figure" and "slightly obese, slightly defective body type" respectively. No need to think much, the slim girl is more to my liking. However, when I entered the fifth room, there were two more doors inside, which read "both parents are alive" and "no relatives" respectively.

  I felt as if I had entered a huge sorting machine and was constantly being screened. The following are my future partner's ability to run the household, one door is "love knitting, can make clothes, good at cooking", another door is "love playing poker, like to travel, need a babysitter". Of course, the girl who loves to knit won my heart again. I pushed open the handle and was surprised to encounter two more doors. This time, happily, the "love" agency classified the inner qualities of the candidates, and the two doors described their spiritual and moral status: "faithful, amorous, inexperienced" and "gifted, highly intellectual". Convinced that my own talents were sufficient for the whole family, I stepped into the first room. Inside, on the right side of the door was written "loving husband", and on the left side was written "needs a husband to be with her at all times". Of course I needed a loving wife. The next two doors were an extremely important choice for me: they said "inheritance, wealthy life and a nice house" and "salary" respectively. Of course I chose the former.

  I pushed open the door, and by golly ...... was on the road!

  The gatekeeper in the light blue uniform approached me. He said nothing and courteously handed me a rose-colored envelope.

  I opened it and there was a note inside, which read: "You have 'picked your eye out'. People are not perfect. One should know oneself objectively before making one's claims."

  About poverty

  It is also poverty, one is unthinking laziness, the other is straightforward diligence in life; one is annihilation of personality, the other is unyielding resistance.

  This was written by two people.

  One person wrote that a wealthy entrepreneur visited a poor area in a province in the four south. When he witnessed a poor family eating in the area, he could not help but shed tears for it. What surprised him was that the family did not even have a pair of chopsticks, and they ate directly by hand. The bodhisattva-hearted entrepreneur was so sympathetic that he promised to give the family material help. But when he stepped out of their house, he immediately changed his mind: he saw that the family had bamboo growing in front of and behind the house, which was perfect for making chopsticks.

  Another person wrote about a journalist who went to the home of a woman worker who was living below the poverty line to "send warmth". The woman's husband had died a few years earlier and she owed a lot of money, and she had two children, one of whom was disabled. She has two children, one of whom is disabled, and she has to support three people with her meager salary and pay off her debts. However, when the reporter met the woman worker, he found that the smile on her face was as bright as her room: the beautiful door curtain was made of paper by herself, and the condiments in the stove were only two kinds of oil and salt, but the oil bottles and salt shakers were cleaned. The slippers handed to her when the reporter entered were made from the soles of old liberation shoes, and the upper with beautiful patterns was woven with old wool, which was nice and warm to wear. The woman said that the family refrigerator and washing machine are neighbors out to give her, with the use of quite good; children are very understanding, after doing homework also help her work ......

  This is what two people see.

  A person saw: in a beautiful countryside, one day came a beggar, the beggar looks only 30 years old, very sturdy-looking. Beggar every day with a broken bowl to the villagers home to beg for food, his requirements are not high, whether it is thin rice or steamed buns, he never mind.

  A little longer, someone saw his body and strength, want him to help play odd jobs, and promised to a number of money. Unexpectedly these good things, the beggar but refused, said: "to people working to earn money more bitter, far less than begging for food to save effort."

  Another person saw: every evening, a new village of residents will have an old man to the garbage cans to pick up garbage. The old man was a hunchback, which made his already short stature look even smaller. Every time the old man picks up garbage from the dumpster, it is as if he is engaged in a battle. In order to pick up the garbage, he must lean his face firmly on the mouth of the garbage can, otherwise his hands will not be enough to reach the "treasure" inside, and that mouth is the entire garbage can the dirtiest place.

  Every time the old man finished picking up the garbage is like a victory, he does not care about the face of others that kind of disdain. Looking at the "spoils" that can be exchanged for money, he always looks extra happy when walking on the paths of the new village.

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