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Have you found that no matter what stage of the child, there is a situation where they can't listen to the advice of adults? 2-year-olds keep rejecting, but don’t keep their mouths shut; 3-year-olds often ask others to follow him, otherwise they will get emotional; 4-year-olds have to do it in his own way, and want adults to do what they want; 5-year-olds refuse to refer to adults 9 , After the age of 10, adults are reminding him that he will find you annoying, and even if he knows you are right, he still doesn't want to do it your way.

6 psychological reasons why children can't listen

Reason 1. Children hate the tone of commands
No one likes the feeling of being restricted and controlled, especially children, so two-year-old children will be there all day long "No! No!" Therefore, when adults speak, they are always in a top-to-bottom tone, children It is interpreted as being ordered and prescribed, and the child does not like to listen, so naturally he does not listen or follow.

Reason 2. Children feel that adults are too subjective and do not think from my standpoint.
The most taboo of any kind of communication is one-way. For example, a child just wants to take a break and then go to do homework, but adults misunderstand that the child is lazy. When the child feels misunderstood, the communication becomes one-way. Of course, it is impossible. Take your word for it.

Reason 3. Your child thinks you are wrong
This also means that the child does not agree with the adult, which may be because the child does not know what is wrong? What's wrong with doing this? Can't think enough?

Reason 4. Your child thinks you are too much
Some children will think that adults control too much. When adults are talking, they will have preconceived ideas and close their ears. At this time, no matter how good the adults have suggestions, the children will not listen.

Reason 5. The child feels that there is no room for expression, and it is useless to say anything in the end
If the child usually feels that adults will not listen to what the child has to say, the child will learn that it is useless to say anything, and will not need to listen to other people’s words in the future. In this way, of course, there is no need to expect the child to listen to the adult’s words. 

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