Parents should let their children learn to be independent-Woodmam

1. Letting go

They will let their children do something on their own that they can do, and if they can't do it well, they will only give their children advice instead of going up to help them.

2. Encourage children to talk more

They will let their children boldly say their own ideas, no matter how ridiculous these ideas are, how unreliable, they will not laugh at their children. On the contrary, they will instead appreciate the child's superb imagination. When the child encounters something difficult to choose, they will give the child a few suggestions and let the child choose for himself. Moreover, such parents, all understand the importance of listening.

3. Personally practice and teach your child to refuse

Many children are embarrassed to say "no" to things they don't like to do or that is not right because they want to save face. But parents will tell them that it's perfectly fine to say no because we need to spend our time on things that we like and that are meaningful. Moreover, parents will also show their children how to do it themselves to give them courage and encouragement.

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