Parents and children, who need more education? Woodmam

Gorky: "Just loving children is something a hen would do, but being good at nurturing them is a great public undertaking."

Treat children as human beings and understand the laws of children's growth. Farmers grow crops, relying on love alone is not enough. Only by knowing how to grow crops can they have a good harvest; in educating children, only love is not enough. Only by understanding the law of children's growth can they have a good future. What China needs the most education is not children, but parents.

Good parents are learned!

There are no naturally successful parents and no parents who do not need to learn. Successful parents are the result of continuous self-learning and improvement. There are so many outstanding parents, and none of them have easy success in teaching their children. An excellent mother even said: Many people think that I am very relaxed, saying that your child is so good, you don't care at all, but I don't know that I actually have one eye open even when I sleep at night! A good mother takes precautions before it happens, but an unqualified mother is that the child's problem is already serious, and she has not yet realized the existence of the problem.

In fact, good parents do not depend on how much knowledge or wealth they have. Illiteracy does not mean that they cannot educate. Poor families also have their own principles of life. These parents are also masters in educating their children.

Understand the critical period of children's development and accompany children to grow

The critical period of development: refers to the mastery of certain behaviors, skills, and knowledge of human beings, which develops the fastest and is most easily affected in a certain period.

If the correct education is given to the child during the critical period of development, he will learn quickly and well, and can often get twice the result with half the effort.

Learning to chew critical period (6 months).

Order norm critical period (2.5-6 years old). The critical period for the formation of children's behavior habits, the character, behavior, and habits formed during this period often do not change until they grow up. "Three-year-old to be old, seven-year-old to be old."

The critical period of language development (3-6 years old).

The critical period of imagination development (2-8 years old).

Culturally sensitive period (6-10 years old): Many children in this period are very curious, use their brains and have many problems. Children's thirst for knowledge should be satisfied.

Golden reading period (8-14 years old): If you miss the scientific reading guidance and a lot of reading during this period, it will cause irreparable shortcomings to the child's growth.

The critical period of independence (12-15 years old): If this period is not handled well, the child will never grow up.

Develop good habits

Many parents blame their children's bad habits on the school, on the teachers, on the children, but not on themselves. In fact, most of the habits of children, whether good or bad, are mostly cultivated by us as parents, intentionally or unintentionally. Just like the Shanghainese who speak Shanghainese and eat Shanghai cuisine, and the Sichuanese who speak the Sichuan dialect and eat Sichuan cuisine, it seems that they are born without training, but this is not the case! Parents are teaching all the time so they don't even realize that they are teaching. This is "underlying education", which is much more powerful and more essential education than "explicit education".

Most excellent children are the result of high-quality education, and most problem children are the product of problem families. Most of the children's problems are not caused by the children themselves but are the reflection of the parents' problems. Parents are often the biggest creators of children's problems, and they are also the biggest obstacles for children to correct their mistakes and shortcomings. The most urgent task is not to educate children, but to educate parents. Without changes in parents, there will be no changes in children; there are no children who do not want to learn well, only children who cannot learn well; there are no children who are poorly educated, only parents who cannot educate; children, only parents who are not. Therefore, scold yourself before scolding your child, and beat yourself before scolding your child. Only in this way can you completely change yourself.

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