It is the teacher who teaches, but it must be the parent who raises the child-Woodmam

Yu Minhong once said that he inherited his father's generosity and learned from his mother the spirit of perseverance and perseverance, "It is my parents who made me."

Because he came from the countryside, Yu Minhong, who entered Peking University, was once depressed and "almost got depressed" because of his poor Mandarin, family poverty, and poor image, and then he read hard to slowly overcome his demons.

It is the teacher who teaches, but it is the parents who nurture. Yu firmly believes that the quality of the mother determines the life of the child. Using his own personal example and the educational method of Dr. Jeon Hye Sung, the chief mother of Korea, he suggested that mothers should know how to develop themselves and have the ability not only to raise their children but also to guide them. Create an environment where you can read anytime and anywhere, and only a bookish family will produce good people.

Dr. Jeon Hye Sung, the "Chief Mom of Korea," has raised all six of her children to doctoral degrees from Harvard and Yale, and after graduation, they have held important positions as professors and deans of prestigious universities and as assistants to the Secretary of Health in the White House.

Dr. Quan was inspired by her study of ancient Chinese culture, and the Chinese saying "kung fu lies outside of poetry" is applied to her approach to education, which is that kung fu lies outside of learning. She trains her children to stay in a "zero-thinking" state for more than 10 minutes. This powerful ability to enter the stillness improves the control of the brain's thinking activity, allowing the children to concentrate highly when studying, greatly improving their learning efficiency and bringing their intelligence to the limit, laying a solid foundation for their future success.

Huixing Quan believes that every child is a "special" individual, with his or her own unique elements. The most important thing parents need to do is to give their children a strong body, a strong ability to learn, and a strong desire to become great people. With these three things, a child with average talent will become an achiever.

Emotional couples tend to be role models and are more likely to open the hearts and minds of their children. A family, even if poor to the point of destitution, as long as there is a kind, thrifty, optimistic, and tidy woman taking care of it, such a family is still a sanctuary for the soul and a source of happy strength.

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