How can parents use the right approach to protect their children? Woodmam

In real life, there are many incidents of parents fighting with each other because of their children's fussiness. How should parents grasp the "proportion" of the protection of the calf, so that children in the fight to grow up?

Let children solve their own problems.

Parents should not be overly involved or biased.

The "law of the jungle" mentioned in Sears' book on intimate parenting had struck a chord with the test.

Throw your child in a pile of children and let him learn to fight on his own. The child who is the most aggressive will get the toy, and the milder baby may withdraw from the game or may be able to deal with it in return. In other words, it is the aggressive child who realizes that aggression has to be paid for, while the milder child learns that being too gentle and timid will be a loss.

So, children learn and grow through each "trial and error", and fighting is a lesson. For example, in the process of several fights, children will gradually learn to express and communicate in other ways after they find that this behavior is not accepted and approved.

Especially for children before the age of 3, most joking "hitting", although seemingly incorrect, is a normal way for children to communicate and is rarely truly aggressive in nature.

What parents need to do is to assess the nature of the matter and help their children adjust their emotions, get out of the unpleasant mood, make the right behavioral guidance, and not take sides.

Do not take the initiative to jump to "justice" for the child, or even to blame others in front of the child; do not encourage the child to fist and kick others, and firmly stop aggressive behavior, otherwise, the child will be led astray; and do not just to save face, indiscriminately scold the child, so that the child feels aggrieved.

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