Babies should not sleep between their parents-Woodmam


Many young parents sleep at night, and always like to put the child in the middle of the parents, in fact, this sleep is very harmful to the health of children.

The human body consumes the most oxygen in the brain tissue. Adult brain tissue oxygen consumption accounted for about 20% of the whole-body oxygen consumption, and the smaller the child, the greater the proportion of brain oxygen consumption accounted for the whole-body oxygen consumption, infants and toddlers can be as high as 50%. If the baby sleeps in the middle of the parents, the "exhaust gas" of the adult's doubles, which will make the child lack oxygen and a high concentration of growth and development.

At the same time, the baby sleeps in the middle of the parents, but also increases the adult unintentionally squeezes the child's insecurity, so the child or does not sleep between the parents is better.

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