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ADHD is very common in children. It is a disorder characterized by attention deficit and hyperactivity, usually appearing before school age, with 3-7 years being the most prominent age group for ADHD symptoms, and predominantly in boys.
ADHD generally has some of these symptoms, so we need to pay attention and see if our children have these symptoms.

1. Hyperactivity

This is one of the most important characteristics of children with ADHD.

This symptom is evident in infancy: hyperactivity, restlessness, crying, screaming with excitement and flipping through things that can be seen.

When they go to school, they are more active: they do not know what to do, they do not study well, they interfere with other students' classes, and they do not sleep well at night.

2. Attention Deficit Disorder

Compared to normal children, children with ADHD have a very short attention span and are easily disturbed by external influences.

3. Emotional instability and impulsiveness

Children with ADHD have less self-control than normal children, often act before they think, do not consider the consequences, lack organization, get angry easily, often cry and shout over trivial matters, are not disciplined, and are sometimes impulsive and thus engage in dangerous behavior.

4. Serious behavioral problems

Children with ADHD generally like to talk back and fight, bully, have poor discipline, and sometimes lie and steal and run away from home.

5. Learning difficulties

The inability to concentrate will definitely affect learning, which is obvious. An ADHD child's activities are disorganized and purposeless, while an active child's activities are purposeful and orderly.
Children with ADHD are hyperactive and inattentive in a variety of activities, whereas children with hyperactivity only show hyperactivity in certain situations. ADHD children are not only hyperactive regardless of the occasion, but sometimes it is difficult for us to understand their behavior, whereas most of the actions of hyperactive children are understandable and are normal behavior. ADHD children are not able to concentrate on any activity, but active children are able to concentrate on activities that interest them.

What parents should do for their ADHD children
If the child is ADHD, we should not be confused, we can try the following.

First of all, you must face it squarely and give your child more care and education.

It is best to take your child to the hospital for psychological counseling and examination, and listen to the doctor's analysis, if it has produced some more serious behavioral abnormalities, you should follow the medical advice to adhere to treatment, a combination of drugs and psychological behavior therapy, do not rush to the doctor.

If it has not reached the level of pathology, then we should strengthen the child's upbringing. Ensure that the child has a regular life, let him have a cordial family atmosphere, encourage him to participate in social activities appropriately, and avoid mental tension and trauma.

We need to praise our child more often and encourage him to be a good boy. Every child is good by nature. The reason why there is hyperactivity or such and such problems is simply that there is something wrong with the growth. We as parents, encounter these, the first thing to reflect on is our own education, and constantly sum up and improve.

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