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The human brain has the function of multi-pointing, irregular, and random information storage, and is receptive to information that is graphic, fresh, and implies a pattern, such as a memory map.

  It is a golden key to open up the recall of group (overall) information, and it can build a strong union in human memory to enhance the connection between information and smooth recall of overall information. If you often conceive - write and draw - recall it, it not only helps the brain to reduce the burden of memory, but also helps to form creative thinking skills, improve the ability to recombine brain storage information, and provide a boost to deftly and quickly solve the doubts, difficulties and hot issues in learning.

  In addition to memory thought diagrams to reduce memory load, summary notes, executive summaries or prompts, reading thought prompts, outline, table of contents, index, preface, conclusion and other notes to increase the share of thinking and generalization strength, also have the effect of reducing memory load.

  The notes that increase the firmness of memory should be first and foremost mimeographs and silent drawings, and other notes also have the effect of helping memory. All notes should be considered as an extension of "brain" notes.


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