Chain of association method-woodmam

Hypothesis Exclusion Method

  One day, three good friends, Little White, Little Blue and Little Yellow, met on the road. One of them carrying a yellow schoolbag said, "What a coincidence that one of the three of us has a yellow schoolbag, one has a blue one, and one has a white one. But no one has the same color as the color indicated by their surname." Little Blue thought for a moment and agreed, "Yes! That's true!"

  What color are the school bags of each of the three best friends?

  According to the question, no one's school bag is the same color as their last name, which can lead to two hypotheses.

  White carries a blue schoolbag or a yellow schoolbag.

  Little Blue carries either a white schoolbag or a yellow schoolbag.

  Little Yellow carries either a white or a blue schoolbag.

  It is known that Little Blue does not carry a yellow bag, so it must be carrying a white bag. The remaining blue schoolbag must be carried by the small yellow, and the yellow schoolbag is carried by the small white.

  Assume two situations, exclude one situation, then certainly another situation, this is the exclusion method.

  Factor transformation method

  In ancient times, there was a salt well in this part of Lingshou, where water could be taken for drying salt. This well was 50 feet deep and it took a very long well rope to get the water out. The bottom of the well was made of stone and the wall was made of cypress. After a long time, the cypress wood of the well wall was rotten and needed to be replaced. But there were difficulties in the construction because there was a gas in the well that kept rising upward, and people who went down the well would die immediately when they smelled the gas.

  Later, people found that when it rained, the gas in the well would sink to the bottom of the well with the rainwater falling from above, so there would be no danger to life when they went down to replace the rotten wood. Yang Zuo, who was an official in Lingshou at that time, came up with an ingenious solution to this situation: he asked a carpenter to make a large wooden tray and cut many holes in it. Then he asked someone to put the wooden tray on the wellhead and keep pouring water into the wooden tray. Water flowing down from the hole, as if it were raining, through the hole in the wooden plate into the well of the water column, the same can make the well of gas to fall down. In this way, people can also go down the well to replace the rotten wood of the well wall.

  Yang Zuo's thinking of changing a certain part of things is called the method of elemental transformation.

  Find the contradiction method

  One day, a young man wanted to work in the laboratory of Edison, a great inventor. Edison received him. The young man said with confidence.

  "I want to invent a universal solution, which can dissolve everything."

  "Really?" After hearing this, Edison smiled and asked the young man a question, which Edison asked: "What vessel would you like to use to place this universal solution? Doesn't it dissolve everything?" The young man was left speechless by the question.

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