• Setting aside the illusion method-woodmam

    Setting aside the illusion method-woodmam

    Don't believe nonsense" - the questioning method  In the Ming Dynasty, when Wang Tingxiang, a famous representative of qiology, lived, there was a saying circulating in society that snowflakes in spring were five-petalled, unlike snowflakes in winter which were six-petalled. As this was the saying of the Confucians of previous generations, everyone was convinced of it. However, Wang Tingxiang found this saying to be wrong...
  • Say goodbye to stereotypes-woodmam

    Say goodbye to stereotypes-woodmam

    Removing the "tinted glasses" - a farewell to stereotypes  There is a story in "Lie Zi - Say Fu".  An old man in the countryside had lost an axe and could not find it. He thought it must have been stolen by his neighbour's son. He went to look at the boy's face and attitude and found something suspicious: every word and action of the boy...
  • Heterogeneous observation method-woodmam

    Heterogeneous observation method-woodmam

    (21) Clever combinations - the heterogeneous observation method  Fang Ji's 'Landscape of Guilin' is about both the 'colourful' mountains of Guilin and the 'surprisingly clear' waters of the Li River. Although both "mountains" and "water" are part of the landscape, they are different things after all, but thanks to the author's clever combination, he has made the Guilin scenery, with its mountains and water reflecting...
  • Research method-woodmam

    Research method-woodmam

    (17) Integrated observation - the research method  In the summer of 1965, riots broke out in the Watts black settlement outside Los Angeles, causing 35 deaths and $200 million in damage in less than a week. Who actually took part in the riot? Why did they create the riots?  With all these questions in mind, the sociologist Langsford began his investigation. He first examined the theoretical...
  • Multi-sensory and usage-woodmam

    Multi-sensory and usage-woodmam

    In order to develop the various senses, conscious activities should be undertaken, such as taking time to engage in various artistic activities. Sketching, drawing and other similar artistic activities promote the overall development of the visual faculty; sculpting develops not only the visual but also the tactile sense; learning music leads to a fine development of the sense of hearing; literature, poetry, drama and...
  • Repeat observation method-woodmam

    Repeat observation method-woodmam

    It is essential to record new and fleeting phenomena in time, a simple and easy method that can help the observer accumulate much valuable information without even realising it. Many scientific observers have done so. The great writer Guo Moruo had such a habit of recording, as he once described in Across the Eastern Sea: "I slept in bed and put a copybook on...
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