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You had more than three unfulfilled promises during the week, but you didn't even make a phone call to apologize, let alone apologize in person.

  Second, responsible

  1. Concept and connotation

  The so-called responsible, means to take responsibility for the meaning. This responsibility may be due to the consequences of their own words and actions must be responsible, but also may be to the world's affairs as their own sense of responsibility.

  Whether one is responsible or not is one of the main indicators of whether one is a modern person, and it is also one of the key indicators of the level of socialization of children and teenagers. In modern society, people are more and more interdependent, and the finer the division of labor, the more responsibility is needed, because the failure of any one link may lead to the collapse of the whole business. The state of responsibility of generations will have an increasing impact on the survival of humanity.

  For an individual, only when a person realizes that he has to take the initiative to be responsible, his good personality is beginning to form. It is also possible for him to become a true human being. Responsibility is a task for which a person must work hard and should be valued no matter how big or small. Human ability and responsibility go hand in hand, and a truly great person does not neglect even any small responsibility.

  However, in our growing experience, how many people really see responsibility as an important part of their personality to treat? More often than not, people are not taking the initiative to take responsibility, but are trying to find ways to avoid and shirk responsibility, right? Shifting responsibilities to each other is the most common manifestation of lack of responsibility.

  Just like the following mice.

  Three hungry and cold mice went to steal oil together. They decided to take turns to drink the oil in a stacked way. When one of the mice climbed on the shoulder of another mouse, "victory" is in sight, for some reason, the oil bottle suddenly fell over, a loud noise woke up the master, they had to scramble and flee.

  After returning to the rat hole, they gathered together for an internal meeting to discuss the potential reasons for the failure of this collective oil theft.

  The mouse at the top said, "I accidentally knocked over the bottle of oil because the mouse below me shook a little."

  The mouse in the middle said, "I jiggled because the mouse below jerked a little."

  And the mouse at the bottom said, "I vaguely heard a cat yelp, so I twitched."

  So that was it - no one was responsible.

  And such a situation often manifests itself in humans in the following way.

  At a quarterly meeting of a company, the manager of the marketing department said, "We have to take some responsibility for the recent poor sales situation. But the main reason is that the new products launched by our rivals are more advanced than ours."

  The manager of the R&D department concluded "seriously": "The recent launch of fewer new products is due to the low R&D budget. As we all know, the budget has been cut by the finance department."

  The finance manager immediately went on to explain, "The company's costs are rising, so we're saving as much as we can."

  At this point, the purchasing manager jumped up and said, "Purchasing costs have risen by 10 percent because a foreign mine producing chrome exploded, causing the price of stainless steel to skyrocket."

  So everyone said in one voice: "So that's it!" The implication is that we are not responsible.

  Finally, the human resources manager finally spoke: "In that case, I had to go to the assessment of this foreign mine."

  Once an education expert said when talking about the most basic qualities of people: life has three undertones. One is self-confidence, even you do not believe in yourself, who can believe in you? The second is kindness, compassion, before helping others, and those who help others God also help; third is responsibility, the initiative to take responsibility is to determine the value of the individual the only form. And only a responsible person can become an independent person, and only with the ability to be independent can know how to think, know how to judge and choose, know how to create and innovate.

  Therefore, responsibility is a very important quality, which is necessary to be a good person. And taking the initiative to take responsibility means that individuals are willing to take the initiative to do more for others or the collective, willing to take more risks, and willing to pay the price that may come with it.

  After China's accession to the WTO, the chief negotiator Long Yongtu told a poignant story in the "Truth Be Told" column. When he visited Switzerland, in a bathroom, he heard a peculiar rattling all the time in the small room next door, which attracted his curiosity because it was too long and also too peculiar. So he peered in through a crack in the small door. This look made him amazed. It turned out that there was only a young boy of seven or eight years old in the small room was repairing the toilet flushing equipment. After asking, he found out that the boy had gone to the toilet, because the flushing equipment had a problem, he did not flush down the dirty things, so he was squatting there alone trying to fix the flushing equipment by all means. His parents and teachers were not with him at that time. This incident made Long Yongtu very emotional, a young boy of only seven or eight years old, but can be so brave to take the initiative to take responsibility. It can be said that this spirit of responsibility has penetrated into every cell and every nerve of his body, and has become a habit.

  In fact, the habit of taking responsibility is only one aspect of measuring a person's responsibility. Regarding the connotation of responsibility, it also includes the following aspects.

  ① Do your own thing

  The so-called own things, refers to the daily life and study, completely belong to their own personal must face things, and these things are often also with their own strength and experience can be completed work.

  Around us, there are many children who are 5 years old and still need to be fed, can't put on socks, don't wash their own faces, can't wash their hands clean, etc. There are also many children around us who can play the piano and can't tie their shoes, can recite Chinese poems and can't get dressed. And it is even more impossible to expect these children to do something for their parents.

  How can we face the society and the difficulties that will arise in our life independently if our living ability is too low? How can a person who can't even take care of himself and depends on others for everything be able to compete and "get ahead" as our parents expect?

  Franklin said, "A man's life's work, fine or shoddy, is formed by every habit he has." We will one day have to stand on our own in society and in life. If we develop the self-management habit of doing our own things, taking care of our own things, and arranging our own life from childhood, we can enhance our independence, purpose and planning of action, which will undoubtedly be of great help to our future happiness and success in life. There is a story that

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