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Second, the case

  The famous ball player Jordan once practiced hard against the wall for three months for a one-handed shooting habit, and fashion models often train hard for life for a step habit. To form good habits, one must first undergo rigorous training: the ten-thousand-foot tall building.

  Barton, a British organic chemist who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1969, benefited from his father's sending him from the "honey pot" to the "fire pit" as a child, and received strict and systematic training, which eventually led to the road to success.

  Barton was born into a wealthy family and was the only son of a wealthy family. When he was in elementary school, young Barton was sent to a day school, but the environment there was completely different from home, the teachers were not like the elders at home to take care of him, listen to everything he said, he felt very uncomfortable, and tension with classmates, learning is also very bad. Little Barton's wise father felt that this situation was not conducive to young Barton's healthy growth, so when he was just 10 years old, he sent Barton to a boarding school to study.

  It was a closed school with military management, and the students lived a military-type life. In the morning, as soon as the school bell rang, students had to get up as fast as possible, dress, fold the quilt, brush their teeth and wash their faces, followed by drill and run, day after day. If they couldn't keep up with the school's pace, they were punished. Even in the cold winter, the school required students to wash with cold water. The food at school was barely enough to be considered "bland", and compared to the good life at home, young Barton was a drop from heaven to hell.

  Every Monday morning when he was sent to school, he would cry and scream, not wanting to go to school and hoping his father would give him a new school. After a few weeks of torment, young Barton lost a lot of weight. His distraught mother and aunt were also very uncomfortable with his father's approach. However, Barton's father remained firm in his belief that trials and tribulations were not a bad thing for an only child like Barton, who had been raised as a pampered child, but rather a very beneficial "nutrient".

  When Barton grew up and recalled this boarding school life, he said, "This life taught me patience and self-exercise, and cultivated a strong body and mind and a sound personality." This laid a good foundation for his future career success, and for this reason, Barton became famous after also very grateful to his father to eat these hardships, so that he finally got the fruit of suffering. As you can imagine, if you do not eat any hardships or suffer any aggression, how can you take up the heavy responsibility of scientific research? And how can he endure the hard work and loneliness of scientific research? It is because Patton has been exercised since childhood, not because of his only son's identity sunk in spoiling and become a fop with no action.

  Throughout history, all those who have achieved something have been associated with adequate training.

  Wang Xianzhi, the seventh son of Wang Xizhi, was smart and studious since his childhood, specializing in cursive script and official script in calligraphy, and also good at painting. He began to learn calligraphy when he was seven or eight years old, under the tutelage of his father. Once, when Wang Xizhi saw Xianzhi concentrating on his calligraphy, he quietly walked behind him and suddenly reached out to pull the brush out of Xianzhi's hand. His father was very happy and praised him, saying, "This son will be famous again." Little Xianzhi was pleased with himself. On another occasion, one of Xizhi's friends asked him to write on a fan, and when he waved his brush, it suddenly fell on the fan and contaminated the words. With the public's praise of his calligraphy and painting, he grew proud.

  One day, Xiao Xianzhi asked his mother, Xi, "I only have to write for three more years, right?" His mother shook her head. "How about five years?" His mother shook her head again.

  Xian Zhi became anxious and said to his mother, "Then how long do you think it will take? Bud," "You must remember that only after you finish writing these 18 vats of water in the courtyard will your words have tendons and bones, blood and flesh, and you will be able to stand upright and stable." When Xianzhi turned around, it turned out that his father was standing behind him. Wang Xianzhi was not convinced, but did not say anything. He practiced for another five years and showed his father a large pile of well-written characters, hoping to hear a few words of praise. He showed his father a large pile of well-written words, hoping to hear a few words of praise, but Wang Xizhi lifted them one by one and shook his head repeatedly. When he came to the character "大", his father showed a more satisfied expression and casually filled in a dot under the character "大", and then returned the entire script to Xianzhi.

  Young Xianzhi was still not convinced, so he showed his mother all the characters he had learned and said, "I practiced for five more years, and I practiced exactly as my father had done. Look carefully, what is the difference between my father's characters and mine? My mother looked at it carefully for three days and finally pointed to the dot Wang Xizhi added under the character "大" and said with a sigh, "My son has worn out three jars of water, but there is only one point like Xizhi."

  Hearing this, Xianzhi was discouraged and said breathlessly, "It's hard! If this continues, when will there be good results?" When his mother saw that his pride was gone, she encouraged him and said, "Son, as long as you work hard, there is no river you cannot cross and no mountain you cannot overcome. If you keep on practicing as you have been doing these years, you will definitely achieve your goal!"

  After hearing this, Xianzhi was deeply moved and continued to practice with perseverance. After practicing for 18 vats of water, Xianzhi's calligraphy improved by leaps and bounds. Later, Wang Xianzhi's calligraphy became so powerful and perfect that his calligraphy was called "Two Kings" alongside that of Wang Xizhi.

  Without strict and hard training, I am afraid there would have been no "two kings" in history.

  III. Requirements and principles

  1. Mobilize the enthusiasm of training with interest

  For our teenagers, it is very pleasant to develop good habits, but to develop good habits, to train the infrequent behavior into frequent behavior, is a very difficult and even "painful" process, need to grit your teeth, to overcome many difficulties, but also to go through many boring monotonous practice. Especially for the bad habits that have been formed, correction is quite a bit "difficult to the sky" taste, to overcome a lot of unimaginable difficulties, many people give up halfway, a loss of effort.

  In spite of this, we do not advocate ascetic training, if you just practice hard, it will not take long to get bored. Therefore, it is better to combine "hard training" with "interesting training" and take some interesting forms, such as through games, activities, competitions, paintings and other ways to constantly change the form of training.

  For example, to cultivate the habit of using polite words, you can do it in different occasions, seize the opportunity to go shopping in the mall, buy tickets by bus, go out to play, etc., to remind and train yourself to use good polite words in different occasions. For example, if you step on someone's foot when taking a bus, you should sincerely apologize to the other party and say "sorry"; if the conductor hands you a ticket, you'd better say "thank you"; if you get off the bus halfway and say goodbye to your friends, you should remember to say "goodbye" and so on. Goodbye", and so on. This natural life scenario is very beneficial to the development of good habits.

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