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There was a rich man who, after having enjoyed all the glory and wealth in this world, died of old age, and his soul came to the gate of heaven.

  When the angel at the gate saw the rich man, he immediately went up to him and refused to let him in.

  The rich man said to the angel with great reluctance, "I have never done anything bad in my life, why don't you let me in?"

  The angel immediately asked him in return, "What good things have you done in your life?"

  The rich man said, "None."

  "You have done no good deeds, so you can't be let in." When the angel finished speaking, he mercilessly closed the door of heaven.

  2. Points of cultivation

  First, learn to serve yourself. Start by taking responsibility for yourself.

  When the New Year arrived, Dad gave George a gift - a shiny silver coin. George was very happy because he had many things he wanted to buy, and now his wish was going to come true.

  The snow on the ground had not yet melted, so George took the silver coin and went out. I didn't expect to get out of the house, there came some little friends to pull him to play snowball.

  George ball a very big and hard snow ball thrown hard to James, cunning James a dodge, the snow ball flew to the window across the street. "Pop" sound, the glass shattered down.

  George was afraid, so he ran away quickly. But did not run far to stop, he was condemned by his conscience for the bad things he had done. He thought, avoiding responsibility should not be a man to do. He decided to go back and use his only silver coin to make up for the broken glass.

  He rang the doorbell and a gentleman came out of the house. George said, "Sir, I accidentally broke the glass in your house. I'm sorry, but I didn't mean to do it, I hope you can forgive me."

  He said, he handed his only silver coin to the gentleman and said, "This is my father's New Year's gift to me, I hope it can compensate you for the damage."

  The gentleman took the money and said, "Do you have any more money?"

  George said, "No, I don't."

  "Well," said the gentleman, "you will have more money. Can you tell me your home address?" George told him.

  When he got home, his father asked him what he had done with that silver coin. He then told the truth about what had happened during the day.

  After dinner, his father asked George to look at his hat. George found two silver coins in his hat. It turned out that the gentleman was a very rich merchant, and he not only returned George's silver coin, but also gave him another silver coin. The matter did not end there. In a few days, the gentleman came to George's father again, hoping to get his permission, because his store needed a helper, and he thought George was the best person.

  Second, you can start by volunteering to take on certain household tasks.

  For example, cleaning, being responsible for watering the flowers, etc.

  Third, you can make your own suggestions about some daily life at home. This can develop a sense of responsibility for the family.

  Fourth, it is responsible to pay more attention to our parents' inner feelings and take their worries as our own.

  Although our parents always want us to grow up without worries, so they try to cover up everything that is unpleasant, just because they are afraid of affecting our growth. However, we also need to know that as long as we are human, we will encounter difficulties in life and some unpleasant things will happen. Parents are often seen as omnipotent in our eyes because they can always fulfill our wishes. However, in the adult world, there are also difficulties that they have difficulty solving and things that make them sad. At this time, we need to be able to take the initiative to share our parents' worries, even if we can't solve the problem, we still need to let our parents feel our initiative to share their hearts, which is also a great comfort to them: the

  Alfred the Peacemaker was a bright and clever boy who knew the world well when he was a teenager. He came from a poor background, and his parents

  His parents were tired of working every day for the livelihood of the family. Alfred watched his mother and father's busy and tiring life, and his young heart felt the heaviness of life, and he was determined to help his father and mother to change their lives for the better.

  Alfred came up with a plan to set up a book stall and told his parents about it. Alfred's mother was both happy and upset, happy that her child was so understanding and considerate at such a young age, and upset that she was afraid that working at such a young age would affect his life.

  She said with great concern: "Son, I am very happy because you know how to behave at such a young age, but you are still young, we can not promise you that you should go to school and receive an education. Although we are poor and can't pay for your schooling, we can't let you work at such a young age. What if you wear out your body?"

  "It won't happen." Little Alfred convinced his mother, "the bookstore is not tired at all, just a small matter of rent and income. I can not go to school, set up a book stall, I can read and study for free, and can also earn some money to supplement the family."

  Soon Alfred became a small book stall owner. Book stall business is very good, in addition to the rich and interesting books, the owner's warm service also attracted many customers. There, people not only get knowledge, but also a warm smile. Alfred learned a lot of knowledge and made a lot of friends in his labor, and he felt immense happiness and joy.

  From then on, the volunteer to make life better became the glorious melody of Alfred's life, and he ran for the cause of peace for mankind, made great contributions, and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1911.

  Fifth, in class life, think more about others and the collective, and all things that require hard work can be actively given.

  Having a sense of service to others is the most basic requirement of society for a modern person, and it is not a quality but a habit.

  Franklin loved to fish as a child, and whenever he had time, he was sure to be at the pond near the mill, where he could catch all kinds of fish.

  It was a very deep mud pond, and whenever he and his buddies caught fish, the children had to stand in the mud pond.

  One day, Franklin stood in the mud pond and said to his companions, "It's uncomfortable to stand in this stinking mud!"

  "Right? The other boys echoed together, "How nice would it be to have somewhere else to stand? Choose."

  They found a lot of big rocks not far away. The workers were going to build a house there. Franklin stood on the pile of rocks and said, "I have an idea, we use these rocks to build a small pier here. What do you guys think? Bud."

  "Good? Choose yes? Choose," the children shouted, "and do it tonight!"

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