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In fact, whether to others or to yourself, it is best not to say what you can not do, and since the words have been said, no matter what must be kept, which is not only respect for others, but also respect for yourself. For, honesty is also the right attitude towards oneself.

  A mouse overheard a human conversation under the wall: to carry out a large-scale extermination campaign ......

  When the mouse heard it, it was astonished, and it thought, "People hate rats, but not because rats are greedy." The mouse admonished itself: never again be greedy.

  The next day the mouse saw a piece of meat on the table, it was salivating, thinking: "Only once, not again." So he ate the piece of meat. The next day, the mouse saw a fish in the bowl, and thought: no one knows, absolutely safe. So he ate a good meal. Another day, the mouse found two shrimps with the fragrance of oil at the edge of the hole, so he could not wait: "A good meal to the mouth, not greedy." Three times and then eaten.

  Unexpectedly, the shrimp is poison bait, the mouse died.

  Fourth, honesty does not mean that people should be dull to deal with. There is an example.

  Xiao Wang and Xiao Lin are very good friends, they say to each other, each other is the first important friend in their hearts. And Xiao Lin is a hot, talented person, often the focus of attention in the community, and almost everyone who knows Lin can feel his passionate commitment. Corresponding with his young friends, he comforts the young and easily hurt heart; taking the initiative to care for the friends around him, he hopes to inject a touch of love and warmth into the cold and detached living space.

  Recently, when I learned that he had a girlfriend, Xiao Wang couldn't help but tease him: "So where do I rank in your heart now?" He didn't even think about it, he replied, "First." Wang looked at him in disbelief and asked again, "How is that possible? Don't lie to people." Xiao Lin smiled wryly and said, "Of course I'm number one, it's just another line."

  Xiao Wang also bent over laughing.

  In Xiao Lin's heart, Xiao Wang is still his best friend in the heart ranked first, although now has a girlfriend, but love and friendship in his heart is equally important. In the handling of this issue, we say that Xiao Lin did not lie, but is more witty answer.

  Now, in the hearts of some people, always think that speaking of honesty and being an honest person is synonymous with foolishness. In fact, no, we say that integrity, never let us become a fool who does not know how to adapt, but let us deal with people in the face of honesty, never use false things to cheat. In the face of the changing situation to learn to adapt, but at the same time can be honest to, this is the higher level of integrity.

  We must not be the honest man in the following story.

  Once upon a time, there was a man who only told the truth, he told the truth about everything, he became so poor that he had no place to live. Finally, he came to a monastery, hoping to be admitted to it. When the abbot met him, he asked him where he came from, what he was doing here, and why he was so poor. The honest man replied: "I am poor, and I am unfortunate, because I tell only the truth at all times, and because of this I am driven away from everywhere. It seems that no one likes a person who loves to tell the truth." "Hey, not all people are like what you see." The abbot said, and settled him down.

  There were some animals in the monastery that were no longer useful, and the abbot wanted to sell them, but he didn't dare to send any of his men to the market for fear that they would hide the money from the sale of the animals in their pockets. So he called the honest man and gave him two donkeys and a mule to take to the marketplace and sell them. In the evening, the abbot was surprised to find that the honest man had brought back two donkeys and a mule, and seeing that the animals had not been sold, the abbot asked him, "Why did you drive them back again? Didn't you find a buyer?" The honest man replied, "Many people came to see the animals and wanted to buy them. But when they wanted to buy them, I had to tell them carefully all the defects of these animals. I also said that if these animals were good, you wouldn't have sold them." When the abbot heard this, he got angry and said to him, "Man, get out of here! Go up to wherever you like!"

  And so, the honest man was thrown out of the monastery again.

  What this story teaches us is that we must stick to the fundamentals of honesty, yet not be a dullard who does not know how to change.

  In addition, there is another layer of meaning in not being dull to engage. That is, if it is really something you cannot do anything about, you must call the person to explain the reason or apologize in person and explain clearly. As much as possible, do not cause more damage to the other party.

  This is a common thing, in school, the teacher called for something, everyone is particularly active: teacher, I will do this, that I can do, a big package. In the end, when you go home and think about it, you find that you can't do it. In the face of such a situation, some students will never mention this matter. However, some students will take the initiative to say to the teacher: "Oh, I'm really sorry, teacher, I thought I could do this, but then I tried, I can't do it, I'm very sorry, look quickly think of a way, don't delay."

  3. Self-assessment

  How well do we do in real life with regard to the principle of being honest? Is it good enough? Here are some questions we can ask ourselves in comparison.

  You promised to do a favor for a friend, but gave yourself all kinds of excuses not to honor it.

  Last weekend, you promised to help a classmate who missed homework because he was sick, but you didn't go because it was too hot.

  You told your mother that you would help her do a family cleaning after you finished your homework on Saturday, but on Saturday you put down your textbook and went out with a basketball, forgetting all about it.

  You promised your sister three days ago that you would teach her how to fold paper airplanes, but you finally gave the task of "coaxing the kids" to your father.

  There are times in a month when you rush into the classroom just after the bell rings.

  You agreed with your classmate that he would wait for you in front of his house the next day to go to school with you, but you took a ride with your dad first, causing him to be almost late waiting for you.

  In order to get a better score in the midterm exam, you once told yourself that you would not watch your favorite TV series at night from today onwards, but when you heard the theme song playing, you couldn't help but watch TV again.

  You accidentally broke the vase at home, but said the cat jumped on the table and knocked it over.

  You were the subject representative and promised your teacher that you would help her set up the instruments before each physics class, but you often forgot, so she often had to do the job herself.

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